How to choose a summer perfume

When reach the warm months we do everything by feel fresher: we use the fashionable clothes, we opted for open shoes and light fabrics, but rarely think about the aroma that we use can play in our favor. And it is that depending on the fragrance we experience a feeling of freshness or heat, so it is very important to know how to choose a summer perfume to help us to feel like fresh out of the shower throughout the day. Here we give you the keys so that you can select it successfully.

choose summer perfume

In applying the perfume in the body, it does react with our skin can produce a cooling effect or, on the contrary, a greater sense of heat. That is why it is not convenient to use the same fragrance throughout the year, but rather we must choose the most suitable for summer and other equally appropriate for winter.

  • The first key to choose a good summer perfume is to avoid the sweet aromas, more appropriate for cold days. Opt for those fruity or floral fragrances that tend to be much more refreshing, ideal for the warmer days.
  • Fragrance with citrus notes are very popular during the summer, because it make us feel as if we just out of the shower. Green apple, lemon or lime, and green tea are the most common, but not unique. For the beach days nothing better than aromas based on coconut or pineapple, which evoke the tropical climates and summer relaxation.
  • The perfumes based on jasmine, lavender, roses or different flower combinations, are a perfect alternative for summer evenings, appointments and the most romantic moments.
  • Just thinking about seasonal changes, the most important perfume houses have launched many of its collections with a summer version, so if there is a perfume that you really love you can find the fragrance of summer and purchased it for the warmer days.
  • Don’t be afraid to smell and taste to give a fresh and light fragrance that perfectly suits your personality, this way you will be able to live through an intense, entertaining and very stimulant summer smelling delightfully every day. And when the season ends, discover how to save your perfume to last longer and remain intact until next summer.
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