How to care for and maintaining a tattoo

If you’ve decided to get a tattoo reminds that require a series of care if you do not want to have problems such as infections or injuries. Always follow the indications of the professional that you have attended.

maintaining tattoo

At least one day before you get your tattoo will have to make an allergy test to tattoo pigment if you develop a reaction to it. It is recommended not to drink alcohol or take other types of drugs 24 hours before and 24 hours after do it.

Try to make sure the needles with which you are going to tattoo are disposable and that have not been used for tattooing someone else. This is mandatory and that have to meet all the establishments authorized to tattoo.

We have to try not to go with the empty stomach to do to ourselves the tattoo since the low tension can do that we feel sick with more easily. Go with a full stomach is not recommended for the same reason.

If you remain calm it will hurt less if you’re nervous.

Once the tattoo done and to heal faster it is recommended that you keep it covered at least 12 hours. After this time, you can wash it with hypoallergenic soaps that yes, without scratching or rubbing action leaving only running water to rinse. Dry the wound and apply a good healing ointment.

The healing period varies depending on skin type and the type of tattoo. But it usually tends to go two weeks per month. Throughout this period you will have to apply yourself repeatedly the healing cream.

Once the tattoo is fully healed and you already take sunbathe, but remember to put a lot of protection in that area. At a minimum, you will have to be two months without exposure to the sun rays. So it is better do it in winter.

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