Gems and costume jewelry wear to a party

If you want to get a sleek and sophisticated look for a gala dinner, a wedding or a special occasion, do not forget your accessories and jewelries.

A dress nice requests a hairstyle and makeup chord but also some complement type gems or fashion jewelry (either earrings, pendant, bracelet or choker) to give you that sophisticated point that distinguishes a chance of a more formal look.

jewelry wear to a party

What gem to choose? No need to bring up a diamond chain or solid gold, it is not a matter of look something very expensive, but have style. However, we recommend leaving the plastic beads or scrap at home because there is nothing to spoil more a nice dress than a cheesy complements or tacky shoes. Exceptionally, some clothes can look very beautiful with hanging feathers and crystals, leather or even wood… but this is already a matter of common sense; simple and summer dresses combine well with ethnic jewelry (that if you do not get many colorful feather or look like a peacock).

Generally, if the dress is very colorful print or very attractive, it is better to opt for discrete jewels while if it is monochrome or simple cut, the ideal is to opt for a little more showy jewelry to get a point of glamour.

No need to carry a complete set of earrings, bracelet and necklace. You can get some beautiful earrings and not to carry anything in the neck. What suggest is that if you’re going to show both things, do not have the same size. If you’re wearing colorful pendant your earrings must combine with it but be tiny (and conversely, if our earrings are very showy is best to choose a tiny pendant).

jewelry wear to a party

Gold, antique silver or pearls, combined with everything. There are girls who wear gold jewelry does not convince too much because they identify them with older women. Some prefer those manufactured in gold white, much more modern and youthful. You should also look out for in the design of the jewel; the most pure and simple lines are more current while the more baroque and goldsmiths correspond to antique jewelry.

The vintage jewelry with details in bronze, pasta flowers, small motives of ceramics or crystal, is lovely for a romantic look and usually carries during the day but at night it can go unnoticed and somewhat opaque.

Anyway, about tastes there is nothing written. We must lose our fear to bring together garments as complements to combine. The only rule is to try to not get overloaded as far as possible and ensure that all accessories that we show combined together.

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