For an amazing hairstyle, hair jewelry

Whenever we think of making a different hairstyle, just think of braids, buns, tails … But what about a bit out of the commonplace and adorn the locks with a gorgeous accessory?

Called “hair jewels”, the jewels made to adorn the hair add a touch of delicacy and sophistication to the hairstyle. Its have been around since ancient times, and were worn by both men and women. However, over the years, the accessory evolved and eventually became the exclusive feminine universe. There are many versions of adornments, and also many ways to use! For example, the Zephyr comb Noble Gold with cognac diamonds can be used to attach the side hair and then finalize a bun like Jessica Alba wore to a red carpet event, take a look:

hair jewelry

The collection Zephyr also has clips that are super versatile and can be used together, creating a very interesting and modern. Already tiara, which is made with a flexible strip of chamois (a species of suede) makes any woman look hot out of a fairy tale. The cool thing is that it gives for use with braid, bun or loose hair.

hair jewelry

And, to give a contemporary touch to the super ponytail and braid; what about to finish them with a ring? It is incredible! And the interesting thing is that you can leverage rings that already have, giving a new use for them. Yellow gold are great suggestions! Ah, for safety – after all if the ring is a precious jewel! – A good tip is to hold the piece with a “invisible” clip at the bottom, preventing it from falling.

hair jewelry

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