Five tips for choosing the perfect ring

The rings are beautiful jewels which by its design we can fall in love, but before you include it in your jewelry collection must take into account certain aspects. Issues such as the proportions of your hands that will be the guide to choosing the perfect ring. Take note!

choosing perfect ring

First of all and before acquiring the ring that you want to buy, it is very important that you try it with manicure done and that appearance is not the same. A good ring will draw attention to your hands, so it is important to have beautiful and manicured nails.

Big hands: If you have large hands it is eligible to opt for a large ring. XXL jewelry adorned with precious stones, pearls or diamonds are very flattering in such hands.

Small hands: If the size of your hands is small the most advisable is to opt for delicate rings. Discrete jewels with delicate designs and ornaments make perfect rings to highlight tiny hands.

Mature hands: If over the years starts to notice in your hands the most recommended is to begin to show off certain jewels which by its shape and design are able to rejuvenate the appearance of the hands. The most advisable rings for this type of hands are the wide and flat rings since it bring brightness to the hands.

Wide hands: The wide hands need thick rings need to visually reduce the volume of these.

Narrow hands: Thin and narrow hands must flee from XXL rings since it accentuate its slimness. The most flattering rings in this case will be the thin and fine rings since these are jewels favoring in all cases.

Here are the tips when choosing the ideal ring either to your hands or the hands of a special person. And remember, keep a harmonious combination between the jewels that you use and the dress that will make your outfit look spectacular.

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