Five Things No-One Tells You About Buying an Engagement Ring

Despite the joy and excitement that comes with popping the big question, you may feel a lot of anticipation at the same time. Men tend to go through quite a rollercoaster of emotions in the days and weeks leading up to the ‘big ask’, and it is often thought that this period is more important to a man than the run up to the wedding himself. So, if you are planning on buying an engagement or wedding ring for your girlfriend, what do you need to know in advance? Keep reading to find out.

buying engagement ring

Photo by Michelangelo Carrieri

You’ll Feel the Need for Input from Friends
The minute you decide to propose to your loved one, you’ll feel an instant desire to speak to friends who have already proposed. Even if you are a private person, you will feel a lot better if you can confide in someone that you trust. Previously engaged friends are the ideal people to ask for jeweller recommendations, and you may even want to take one of them along whilst you look for a ring to provide support.

You’ll Listen to Your Girlfriend More Closely Than Ever
There are thousands of different ring styles to choose from, and if you’ve never paid much attention to your girlfriend when she talks about jewellery before, things are about to change. You’ll be thankful of any hint you get regarding the type of jewellery she likes, so whether you see her admiring her friend’s vintage ring, or you go through her current jewellery to see if she has a preferred gemstone, you’ll find it all interesting as you gain inspiration.

Asking for Permission is Awkward
Not every man goes down the traditional route and asks his girlfriend’s parents for her hand in marriage, but sometimes it can be nice to do this to show that you respect her family. However, be warned that if you do choose to do this, it can be awkward. Whether you’ve known her family for six months or six years, you should just jump right in and get it over with – her parents will love you more for it.

Going Custom Isn’t as Expensive As You May Think
Yes, it’s easier to buy a ring as you see it, but if you have a specific style in mind, you may want to buy the gem stones separately and have a ring custom made. Custom doesn’t have to mean expensive, so don’t avoid getting something that you really want for this reason. Instead, speak to the jeweller and ask for some prices – he or she wants to make you happy and will be able to accommodate you.

You’ll Be Exhausted by the Proposal Day
After all of the homework you’ve done in the months leading up to the proposal, you will be completely exhausted. But, you’re not done yet. Planning the proposal is just as important as buying the ring was, so make sure you plan a special date for the two of you and do it right. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but you do need to show her how much you care. Good luck!