Felt accessories

Personally I love handmade jewelry and accessories when it comes to felt, I find it hard to say no. If you love the original parts and also have skills in manual labor, read on and find the following pieces of felt accessories that we will present below.

felt accessories

Felt Beads
These bracelets in neutral tones are ideal for those who like some bright accessories, but they are original as well. To make you generate some strips of felt balls and then combine them with other beads to make a lovely bracelet.

Poppy Bracelet
To make your own poppy bracelet should cut circular piece of red felt. Then cut it in a spiral and give shape to the flower with a bead in the center. Sew the flower on a piece of tape, add a closing and ready.

3D Necklace
This felt necklace is inspired by a mobile phone, to do so you must follow a procedure similar to felt beads, giving them the way you want.

felt accessories

Felt Triangles
If modern jewelry is more your style, this necklace is for you. Besides get a taste of modern aesthetics, this particular piece is easy to achieve. Just cut triangles of felt, add holes to the top corners, and then connect them to a string. The trick here is to choose colors that combine well. These blue and yellow, for example, give this contemporary piece a timeless style.

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