Fall Jewelry: The Woodstock-style!

You thought you were going to have to miss long ethnic dress that you have not removed this summer? Well you’re wrong, roll folk still fashionable this fall and fit your jewelry to it do not miss it!

If you like rock, leather and fringe, this winter are in luck! You can combine them to your liking not only in clothing but also in accessories. We present the trends that take full Woodstock for a style in which no detail can fail.

leather ring

Skin on skin: leather dressed
Relax, this year takes the leather but does not need to try to stuff you in trousers impossible with horrible results as in other seasons. This year we make it much easier: leather leads in your accessories.

In the form of bracelets, rings, or whatever you prefer, will be the star of the season, alone or combined with other materials. Yes, always with ethnic trends, natural or aged metal, which you attach to your own style. For example, with a romantic if with pearls, or something more ethnic aged metal parts.

Dress your doll: take the bracelets
This fall will have to roll up a little jacket to wear trendy bracelets. Either alone or mixed with other materials, leather bracelets perfectly adapted to the wrist will supplement that will give more game this season.

leather bracelet

Our advice: exploiting some extra long necklace you’ve scrounged up this summer (where brown color), combine it with a ring or a bracelet and a leather jacket with long hair and you will already have your ethnic look of autumn!

Leather: how to be a glamorous hippie?
Leather is the material of the season star has become clear, but that does not mean that it can be combined in any way. Try to wear it especially in your supplements or, in any case, as detailed in other garments.

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