Essential ornament: Feather Belt

A single accessory can make the difference in styling. This is a maximum in the case of fashion, which is true when one of the key highlights complements on the rest of the clothes, giving it a special air. Whether pieces of jewelry – earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces or even brooches, special shoes or bag do not go unnoticed, an ornament is always a good investment when it comes to highlight as a star complement.

golden feather

Although during seasons have been the forgotten, the belts come hard and stand as essential decorations for the winter months. However, far from being a purely functional accessory to hold dresses or pants now appear as real gems.

It is the case of the belt – Golden feather. As if it were to return to Olympus of Greek gods, we can feel like Helen of Troy with this essential winter. Aided also a strip of golden gum, which fits every woman’s waist, this feather becomes the absolute protagonist of any look, especially when paired with bright colors.

Although it can be used for any type of outfits that every woman chooses, these are the most recommended:

  • Long chiffon dresses for parties or weddings. Make a difference, and focus attention on the waist area.
  • Soft fabrics blouses for a wide range of colors.
  • Whole monkeys. The component of color – and brightness – for a jewel without equal in your jumpsuit also in winter.

Carry this gem at the height of the waist or hip does not mean having to exclude other type of piece: combine it with bracelets or rings to shine with proper light.

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