Emerald jewelry: The most beautiful precious stone

We’ve always heard about the Emerald as one of the most beautiful gemstones in the world used in jewelry. Many people agree that nothing can compare to the beauty and attractiveness highlighted in green along with the diamond jewelry.

emerald jewelry

It is a stone that attracts people of all ages and it is associated with people born in the month of May when, with spring, nature promises us so characteristic green color. Furthermore it is considered the symbol of honesty and kindness. Today it is considered the best gift to the beloved woman.

There are different methods to learn to appreciate the differences between a real emerald and other green stones used in jewelry. Firstly, its deep green color, unmistakable in the eyes of experts. Second, the true emerald is uniform, no cracks and in third does not have any mixture with other minerals.

If we are fortunate enough to have among our jewelry with an emerald (or more), we must be very careful with how to use them keeping them away from acidic substances, do not use them when we exercise, store them alone and not in contact with other stones and prevent long exposure to sun and smoke. All these external agents can damage its brightness and its appearance.

If we had the opportunity to buy a emerald jewel or be so fortunate as to give us one, we could see ourselves definitely as a very special person, because this stone holds the title of “princess of precious stones”.

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