Earstack: Five ideas to wear multiple earrings

We cannot deny it, it’s never enough! A few seasons ago we become obsessed with arm party, just last year we could not stop decorating our fingers with multiple rings and now, the fever has taken over our ears!


What is the reason? This trend perfectly combines the feminine and sophisticated air with our free and daring spirit.

Shines: bold makeup, full of color…
Who would like to that the pearls could lead as well with the spikes? For inspiration, we’ve gathered some cool ideas. Let us begin!

  • The same mold
  • This look is perfect if you have a symbol with which you identify. Choose pieces that are the same material and rotate around it. Is our recommendation? Arms around a flower garden in your ear.

  • Hoops here, hoops over there
  • Explode your rebellious side with this combination. The key here is to choose several rings of the same size or shape and go them stacking along your earlobe. Add the finishing touch with a long earring.


    Glamour Tips: Carries all of your hair to one side to give prominence to your jewelry, you steal more than a look!

  • A little of everything
  • Forget the rules! Play with different shapes and materials in your jewelry to create this ‘chaotic but orderly’ style.

    A piece that you simply cannot miss is front back earring type; don’t you think that this detail adds extra?


  • With minimalist
  • We know that this trend might seem a little bold, but that does not mean you cannot take it. Go for simple pieces such as gold or silver rings and adds an original piece. What such an arrow?

    Ends with stones like pearls that will add the chic factor.

    Glamour Tips: Opt for one metal to maintain the harmonious of this combination, you can even take it to work.

  • Glamorous
  • For a holiday night, turn up the volume to your look and play with forms and materials. This combination of brightness and straight lines fascinated us.

    How do I combine? Some smokey eyes are your best ally.

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