Earrings for square face

Being aware that each and every one of us has some features that make us not only women can, by physiognomic reasons, wear the same accessories.

In the market we can find many options that offer us many possibilities but, unfortunately, not all turn out to be appropriate as that kind of face. Today we focus on the ideal earrings for square faces.

square face earrings

Hoop earrings
The rounded shapes contrast with the facial shape so marked that they tend to have square faces. This form of earring as opposed to the face creates an optical effect able to smooth oval shape. For this reason the rings are one of the accessories star for square faces and a must have for women with this type of facial contours.

Teardrop earrings
This is one of the most flattering options within supplements for square faces are teardrop shaped or drop earrings. The design of these, like the previous case, counteracts of visual form the angles so marked with the oval. In addition, usually earrings never go out of fashion because they have some classic lines; on the other hand, they tend to favor almost all kinds of faces. Keep that in mind if you’re going to give yourself or a gift.

These are the earrings better feel to a square face. Moreover keep in mind your style, your lifestyle and activities by the clothes that you usually wear.

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