Earring for the navel: look sexy this summer

Keep you at your ideal weight, it is complicated but in the end you cause satisfaction and now that summer is time to look cute and sexy. In this post we’ll show you the most beautiful models of earrings for navel. Pay attention!

Dream catcher
I entered the fashion dream catcher, there are many designs that I love, I recently discovered that you can also find dream catcher in jewelry for the navel and I loved the idea!

earring for navel

As you know the catcher is a tool used by the American Indians to filter dreams, however with the passing of years, many cultures appropriated this symbol and created beautiful designs.

Do not think that being a dream catcher has to be large and therefore be rough, as you can see there, smaller and discrete models, but will always be hanging by the shape of dream catcher.

You can choose more than one for use by the color of your swimwear, for example. Also some of the jewels that have seen better at night, because its shine: cheer up!

Keep in mind that pen color can vary, so you can choose the color that best suits your personality: you’ll look cute!

More discreet jewelry
If you prefer something more discreet, I understand completely, you can buy smaller designs and thus less flashy. For example, popular colored gems or small stars, there are many varieties of patterns and colors, be patient until you find the indicated or, conversely could take more than one.

earring for navel

The rings are also an excellent choice, as the previous model. They are small and you can find them in different colors. Being small does not weigh as much as the long gems, but you must still be careful with them. Remember always to acquire these gems in centers of confidence.

Long and provocative
If you’re daring, you can also choose long and original jewelry as I will show below:

earring for navel

This gem, for example has the symbol of music, you can use it to go to the beach or at a party where your outfit requires bare navel.

This gem could use it for an important event and its silver gems will highlight your outfit and you will look amazing, definitely.

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