Dior designs a necklace inspired by the 60s

Dior, the exclusive brand of high fashion, jewelry and perfume part of the French group LVMH, presented an original accessory, in the words of the company, will mark a before and after. It is a broad necklace, which covers almost all the woman’s neck, and is inspired by the 60s.

dior necklace

The necklace is handmade by artisans and craftsmen will be available in a range of tones and acids, distributed exclusively at the group and some exclusive distribution points throughout the world with which the gala brand has agreements for the sale of their products.

In principle, Dior boutiques in Europe offer only the model called “New Blue”, the U.S. will have the mauve, “Metallic Bonbon” will be in Japan, the “Cotton Candy” in China and peach will be sold in the rest of Asia. Fans gather luxury garments need to take more than one trip to get all five models.

The design of this unique supplement for woman is the work of Camille Miceli, the creative director of French brand accessories.

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