Diamond: The best friend of the woman

There is no doubt that all we want to be caught with gifts and generally our partner (husband, boyfriend, or lover) is often inspired by jewels of great value, even if the opinion usually ask us raw feelings of guilt and the practical sense becomes first place with a “how are you going to spend so much?” While there are still men who do not ask us what we think but released a wonderful gift: a diamond ring.

diamond ring

This is undoubtedly the most prized in jewelry and if we are so fortunate to count among our jewelry with some of those stones, perhaps we should know some things about them. The first thing that stands out is that a diamond is forever, does not lose its value.

The diamond is the most pretentious piece and superfine that could lead a woman and creates a powerful relationship that no law can break. Always keeps its brightness and clarity and may be regarded as the totem of femininity and the symbol of the engagement ring. In this character is introduced for the first time in 1477 to be delivered by the Archduke Maximilian of Austria to his fiancee Mary of Burgundy. Since then the most famous women have worn a piece of this luxurious stone.

No matter its size or the crimp, if we already have one that we are sure will be a jewel that can pass from mother to daughter and so on without losing its quality. If, on the other hand, still we do not have one maybe will be when choosing it when we ask: what would you give for our anniversary?

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