Day Jewelry And Night Jewelry

Day or Night?
As with shoes, clothes or eye shadows, there are also jewels that are designed to show off at a particular time of day, at night and others during the day. However, we can find others that, combined with a more casual look, can be worn both when there is the sun as when it goes away. Those products that carry diamonds are likely to be accessory to wear at any time will complement you perfectly with everything. Rings, bracelets and simple pendants of silver or gold jewelry are some of the accessories that cannot miss in our jewelry to wear on a daily basis.

A jewel is always an added value that brings elegance and sophistication to the outfit that we wear or want to wear. It is for this reason that we must hit the jewels in each moment, depends on the outfit that we wear, with the jewels we can give a different touch: more classic, more distinguished or more eventually.

jewelry for day wear

Jewelry for day wear
Increasingly essential in our day to day, the jewels have become part of our daily routine, we wake up, and we put on the jewels, get dressed and start the day. Every day always jewels minimalist, discreet, or that at least it seem, do not have to be left with an excessive look, if not: what would we put ourselves in the night? Most women look every day, gifts, jewelry with meaning, is who feels naked without pedants and it has a great variety of them for all days but you will always have at your jeweler some more flashy for other occasions and those of “not without my watch”.

To accompany our look and give a touch of distinction the best is to use simple jewelry but with character. The bright as the stones or diamonds and long earrings are allowed.

jewelry for night

Jewelry for the night
At night it is best to leave the watch at home and replace it with a bracelet. Do not make mistakes; if the dress or shirt that we wear is bright, it is preferable to wear other type of earrings without stones. It is true that less is more, so it is advisable to use a single bracelet, a single ring and a single pendant; flashy jewelry in one place, do not overload the area. At night colors, pearls and stones to look radiant with the touch of harmony that can bring your accessories.

The only time of the day when the jewels remain is when doing sports; do not forget to take them away and save them properly! You will avoid hurting yourself, being lost or spoiling.

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