Contemporary rings out of the commonplace

The hoop earrings are versatile and never leave the scene: they are always present in editorials and fashion shows, in addition to adorn women of different styles. Democratic, they can compose outfits ranging from minimalism to maximalism chic contemporary.

One of the more traditional models of history, this type of earrings is used since the ancient civilizations. In ancient Egypt and Greece, for example, big hoop earrings were quite popular. Over time, the rings have been gaining more and more adherents to become one of the most desired jewelry by women around the world, getting prominence and becoming synonymous with classic elegance.

A beautiful pair of rings is an indispensable item in any and boxes. How about leaving the commonplace and invest in a model with more modern design, but is it also timeless and sophisticated?

The Galilei earrings collection is a reinterpretation of the traditional rings, and brings a lightweight design and interesting. In this model, the ring is suspended from a delicate gold chain, which gives even more movement to the treasure.

hoop earrings

For those who prefer jewelry with contemporary finish, the Curves rings, H. Stern Collection by Oscar Niemeyer and Fluid Gold are perfect! Gold texture leaves the pieces with a more discreet, ideal to be used every day.

hoop earrings

Now, if you are adept brilliance of diamonds, tip of the elegant earrings, in which the gold Noble combines harmoniously with the coloring of the cognac diamonds. There are also rings of white gold and diamonds that add instant glamor to the look.

hoop earrings

Some models of rings can be even more versatile, like DVF earrings collection by H. Stern. Its can be used in two ways: with heart pendants composing a powerful visual or alone, as delicate rings. Oh, and the pending removable may also be used as a pendant on a chain.

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