Classic watches come back into our lives

All returns and the subject of jewelry and watches, the thing does not change. Classic watches are back in fashion more than ever, in their classic versions, or most original and reinvented versions, starting from a classical base.

classic watches

In these times, every vintage is the order of the day: furniture, clothing, accessories, watches obviously. This trend between vintage and classic is revolutionizing the world of jewelry, especially watches.

The watches, which in the past have been large and very showy, return to its more traditional forms, fine lines and neutral, not oversized.

Daniel Wellington Watches is a perfect example of adapting classics to current times, with a simple and elegant dial, combined with leather or fabric straps in colorful stripes watches. Prices start at 99 euros.

You know, this is but the time to wear classical watches. This does not mean that you have to give your side all modern watches. And calm, if something good about classic and vintage is sure that you will find very good pieces in the jewelry of your mothers and grandmothers, to recycle clocks has been said!

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