Choosing the perfect earrings

Whether large, small, square, round or diamond, the earrings are perfect to complement any look and give a fun, romantic and elegant touch, though, to hit with these accessories, it is very important that choose considering the shape of our face and body so we stay cool.

perfect earrings

And the earrings can provide a very special atmosphere whatever we style, as well as a great beauty. And do not forget sunglasses, our favorite bag and the shoes that we love to put the final touch to our look.

The perfect earrings for your face shape
When choosing these beautiful jewelry, the first thing should do is pay attention to your face type and choose, always, accessories whose shape is completely different from your face.

In this way, if your factions are quite rounded, long earrings will be your great allies. On the other hand, the square faces are more beautiful with small earrings and ring-shaped, while, if you are within the group of girls that have elongated factions, small earrings will be, without doubt, the best option, especially pearls and those with a button.

Finally, we find the oval faces, which look beautiful with any type of jewelry.

The perfect earrings for your height
Although it may seem an unimportant detail, earrings can add you or take off a few inches. And, if you’re short, runaway from the excessively long or steep slopes, since these further flatten your figure. However, if you’re tall this type of jewelry will be perfect for you, though, if you want to get the most elegant, the better you’ll probably go for small ornaments.

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