Choosing the best perfume according to your skin type

When buying a perfume or fragrance, you must know which is best for you with your skin type, since it is not the same to have the dry or greasy skin, since the compounds of each fragrance are combined with natural oils of your skin, often getting a very bad result. To find out what kind of perfume you should use based on your skin type, read it in the following post.

perfume according to skin

Oily skin
Skins with high fat content have a much more active chemistry than the rest. This means that interact more with any perfume that you use. It may be that some of them turn out to be more powerful and durable, but others instead produce a much more unpleasant odor. In this case, the ideal is to opt for soft and light aromas during the day and use a major quantity for the night. Choose floral and citrus notes and eliminates those containing musk.

Sensitive skin
In this case you should be very careful when using any kind of perfume, because your skin can suffer serious consequences, such as irritation and inflammation. Use natural products that do not contain very high alcohol percentages. In case that any perfume irritates you, you can try with essential oils – recalls dilute – never use pure, although in this case you should also be tested before and put a little in the inner part of your elbow.
Dry Skin
For dry skin, the perfume dissipates faster than the other skin types. This can be counter-productive, especially if perfumes are used with high alcoholic graduation. Surely, if this is your case, you will choose to put yourself large amounts of fragrance several times a day, right? This, unfortunately, translated into major dryness in the skin, which ends in a great damage. For your skin type choose strong fragrances with woody or floral notes.

How do you know it’s the right perfume for you?
This is very simple: to determine if it is the best choice, you should take a few minutes of your time. Spray a small amount of fragrance on your wrist without rubbing wait about 15 minutes. After this period of time it will begin to reveal the notes of which it is composed. In the cases that have last more than 30 minutes and the aroma are still perceptible that means it is the right fragrance for your skin type.

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