Choosing jewelry for wedding

Jewelry is often the perfect way to give a touch of brightness and distinction to the wedding dress. When defining the look of the wedding and define accessories always we say it is very important to maintain the style of the whole.

jewelry for wedding

But to choose jewelry that you are going to look at your wedding, you will have to take into account especially the hairstyle and wedding dress:

  • If your dress has a plunging neckline, choose a medium jewel, which does not clash in size. The aim is to achieve a harmonious neckline.
  • For a dress with no neckline or very little, it is best to reject the idea of a necklace and put only a few medium-sized or small earrings. So we get the right amount of light to the face.
  • If you have collected or short hair and a deep neckline, you can wear a long earrings and a small pendant. That’s right, earrings never highlight more than your face. A simple necklace visually lengthen your neck.
  • With long hair, either loose or semi collected, you can opt for a more flashy earrings and more discreet pendant.
  • If the dress has some stones or very elaborate, better opt for simple jewelry and not very bright or overloaded.
  • White gold, platinum and silver dresses are reserved for white dresses whether, raw, pearls, pure or diamond.
  • Take the brooches again in the hair, so show them if the style goes with you and your wedding dress.
  • You can complete the set with a bracelet to match, though most brides prefer not to carry anything in their hands in order to give greater prominence to the alliance.
  • Do not forget you can always daring with a touch of color, of course also in jewelry. Combine them with the color of the bouquet or shoes.

By combining different jewelry with bullsheathleather makes sure that all combined, not only in style but also in material.

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