Choosing jewelry based on its morphology

Choose accessories based on its style and its morphology helps to optimize a look. This finding is especially true when it comes to jewelry that is supposed to make us more shine. To choose jewelry without fault of taste follows the tips.

choosing jewelry

Choose the form of jewelry
It can never be repeated enough: repeat the same form only accentuate. If your face is round, round earrings will only reinforce the full form of your face.

For the choice of necklace:
Necklace draws attention to the neck and cleavage. The correct length form and size can help lengthen the neck and the shot narrow face and highlight the bust. A real plus. Necklaces that fall on the V neckline flatter round faces. The faces in the heart, square or rectangular doing well more rounded collars. Well flat models that lie on the skin are preferred for buxom women. The large beads or imposing pendants make much exacerbated the silhouette. A try with caution.

For the choice of earrings ideal for illuminating the face and away from the attention of some of the face defects that you would like to hide. There again, the shape of the loops must counterbalance the shape of your face not reproduce it. The pending can lengthen the neck and face. But be careful because too long they will have the opposite effect. The correct length is just at the jaws.

With a round face avoid everything that is imposing, too circular and adds volume on the ear lobe. For heart shaped faces everything: with a preference for larger models at the base that counterbalance the form of the face thing for the square faces.

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