Choose clutch to complete your party look

One of the cool complements to complete the dress that worked hard to find, is the clutch. The undisputed king of the party bags, in particular, for our looks, reinvents it in two very different and original formats.

choose clutch

On the one hand, we find more geometric format, named for its most usual straight – the most common is always longer rectangle, play straight or triangular cuts and pure and simple lines. However, we can give a plus to this trend in several ways: betting on single color, as the ASOS velvet clutch; full advantage of the format, such as Zara black bag that combines different textures and cuts to quality results; and, finally, show its version more glitter and female; as red textured leather clutch and metallic line New Look to find at ASOS.

Furthermore, the innovative format of this season as far as concerns clutches – and, why not says, one of our favorites: the jewel format, if you need the perfect complement to a 180 degree turn to your outfit, this will certainly be your favorite. Zara unveiled a format that combines textures, colors and embroidered in pink, gray, gold and black, perfect for mixing. We are in love with the metallic geometric clutch, a supplement that can be elegant, fun and almost like a toy, but always edgy and original. Finally, the clutch with heart shaped gold chain and glitter effect is, how could it is otherwise – you’ll find it at ASOS.