Ceramic watches: Minimalism, comfort and without scratches

The ceramic material is fashionable in watches. The ceramic has been uncovered big brands bring us special watches made ​​with this minimalist, comfortable material and preventing our watch from scratch.

ceramic watches

The ceramic watches provides us minimalists and less loaded than other materials, making this a great bet. Now, not only can we find pieces of stolen or minimalist decor, well now we can not put on the wrist.

The ceramic is an excellent material for all watches. This is a difficult to scratch and that combines very well with the steel, which allows us to get very nice watches to the touch, lightweight, but at the same time, strong and very durable. All this without losing its aesthetic value, as the ceramic allows modeling the clock to the way we want. Ceramic is a high-strength material, which extends the life and beauty of the watch.

ceramic watches

Of all the proposals that we can find in ceramics, which are made ​​of white are definitely the most in. This color highlights ceramics and allows us to combine our watches for every occasion and complement. But we can also find options in black color, which gives our clock a touch of elegance, ideal for a party or an event.

The white color conveys sophistication and minimalism and combines well with any piece of clothing or complement. Brands like Lotus, Viceroy, DKNY or Armani work very well with white ceramic, but above all stand Rado and Festina. Rado has high-tech ceramic, while Festina offers us a variety of models. White Festina Ceramic is winning horse.

Meanwhile, the black or brown are also great choices. This will include proposals for brands such as Lotus, DKNY or Armani for both men and women.

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