Bridal Pearl Accessories to Embellish Any Wedding

Who said that pearls don’t belong at a wedding was clearly oblivious to the beauty and grace that these exquisite treasures possess. There are countless creative ways in which to transform a simple pearl jewelry piece into a stunning statement of fashion forwardness.

Nowadays, designers have incorporated pearls into virtually every bridal accessory, from wedding dress belts to veil trims and tiaras. So if your bridal pearl earrings could use a companion, here are suggestions on how to incorporate other pearl pieces into your wedding.

Headbands and Pearl Hair-combs

bridal hair comb

The elegant hairstyles that brides wear can benefit greatly from a well-placed pearl and rhinestone hair-comb. There is a multitude of choices, from hairpins to hair-combs and of them will add the extra splash of elegance that your outfit needs.

Daring Vintage Pearl Necklace

vitage pearl necklace

Traditional brides may find such a statement piece shocking. A single-stranded pearl necklace is what they immediately think of. But there are certain risks that brides can take, and choosing such a vintage white pearl multi-layered necklace may transform your bridal attire into the outfit of a lifetime. Of course, to be on the safe-side, you can choose a simple, strapless wedding dress or an understated bodice so that the pearls can receive the attention they deserve.

Bridal Headpiece for the Delicate Protagonist

bridal headpiece

For brides who prefer delicate pieces and focus on bohemian styles, pearl headpieces can be an excellent addition to a gorgeous lace wedding dress. This particular braided gold and pearl headpiece perfectly complements the bride’s long hair and graceful features.

Pearl Beaded Veil

pearl beaded veil

For those brides who want to keep the accessories to a bare minimum, there is always the choice of going for embellishments. The veil is an excellent example: a pearl-beaded trim where pearls of different shapes and sizes come together to form a unique design may be an ideal choice.

Statement Pearl Wedding Gown

pearl wedding dress

Pearls aren’t just parts of jewelry pieces. They can also embellish other garments, and what better place to create fabulous designs than the actual wedding gown. The statement piece above features breathtaking multilayered pearl strands covering the shoulders and the back of the bride. Granted, such a design isn’t for the faint-hearted, but as with all good things, there’s always room for risks. After all, it’s your wedding day, so why shouldn’t you wear that piece which makes you feel gorgeous?

Bohemian Style Wedding Ankle Bracelets

wedding ankle bracelets

Have you ever dreamed of attending your wedding barefoot? Bohemian weddings are all the rage and there’s a good reason why. They’re one-of-a-kind, not presumptuous, elegant but low-key and most of all, all guests are free to do as they choose in terms of attire.

So if you dream of a non-denominational ordained minister dressed in white, a groom atop a white horse and a sunset wedding on the beach while your feet are caressed by the waves of the ocean, there are options for elegant footwear. It would be counterproductive to choose shoes- they would get wet! But you can go for a pair of ankle bracelets embellished with teardrop white pearls to complete your look.

How to choose the perfect ring

Most come in gold or platinum, which are the most modern, then there are non-precious metals, which usually have designs with a more classic look.

choose perfect ring

Gold Rings
These are the traditional option chosen by men and women, for special occasions such as graduations, engagements and marriages. You’ll find rings in yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. The warm look of yellow gold is an attractive option for darker skin tones. Rings made of platinum or white gold can complement very well the lighter skin tones. Couples often choose alliances of white gold as an alternative to Platinum Rings because it’s look similar and cost less.

Depending on how increase the carat in weight, price, color vibrancy and purity also increase. However, its durability decreases. Continue reading “How to choose the perfect ring”

Unique accessories to highlight in your friend’s wedding

Since the start of the new season, we are tired of seeing how to set looks for a unique winter wedding. However, the most important thing is to think about what can make styling is truly different. And as this happens a everyday look in the street style, we can also apply it to a bridal event if we go guests. Making a difference has never been as easy as now. So, here are the complements that we become the sensation of the wedding:

wedding accessories

A headdress: To speak of special moments, especially with weddings in the morning with a good light of winter, we must bear in mind that a headdress never hurts. To draw attention greatly and remain more trendy ever, we have to take into account its composition: round style, with feathers, glitter, a turban… that will match any of the styling will give us even more possibilities for reuse. Continue reading “Unique accessories to highlight in your friend’s wedding”

Jewelry for brides, what to choose?

After the arduous task of getting the perfect wedding dress to dazzle the big day, get to choose the other accessories that will complete the look without stealing the limelight to dress: shoes, bouquet … and jewelry! The engagement ring is very nice, but it is not the only thing. We know how difficult it is to choose the right jewelry that attract attention and are of the same style as the dress without being excessive. So we help you choose the most appropriate depending on the effect you want to achieve.

Jewelry for brides

In addition to the pearls, which increasingly are more confined to classic and traditional style of brides, today the most common tend to be earrings and fine bracelets with diamonds or crystals. A simple, elegant and very feminine style, but above all discreet. Continue reading “Jewelry for brides, what to choose?”

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Jewelry for wedding guests

Whenever we look at styling bridal suite, either ours or those around us, we believe that the main attraction is the essential dress. But what about the rest of attributes that can be incorporated into a wedding event? We speak, of course, the jewelry we wear when we go to a wedding party. These will depend, of course, of the style in question on the one hand, our tastes and personality, on the other, and everything we can think in light of what we’re going to wear and the place we will go.

wedding guest jewelry

If for example, we will take a look consisting of palazzo pants, top and platforms, with a nice picked, maybe it’s time to go for big earrings with colorful stones. To wear a two-piece can make us feel of more sophisticated and that will help us choose the best jewelry. Continue reading “Jewelry for wedding guests”

Bracelets for brides

For a bride, choosing everything that has to do with style is one of the most important aspects of her wedding day. Being perfect and able to bring a look that not only suits your personality and style, but it will make you feel beautiful and comfortable is equally as important.

wedding bracelets

Therefore, to choose over the dress makes you feel good and that is unforgettable, it is necessary to choose – and to be right in this election – of a series of ornaments that elevate it to a category of the only perfection. In this case, we refer not only to a bouquet of flowers that stick with the styling, to a pair of shoes that express as it is the bride, or a headdress for more sophisticated, but the jewels that look on this special day. Continue reading “Bracelets for brides”

Jewelry for bride

When choosing accessories to wear on a wedding day, every woman needs to decide which would go better with not only the wedding dress but also her personal style, and with the shape of her face.

jewelry for bride

On this day, is unacceptable escape excessive jewelry, and that could be a look too heavy. Therefore, although there are many women who in addition to the alliance of married decide to take their engagement ring, hands should be as bare as possible, like the neckline. Of course, it all depends on the personality of the bride, and what used to be or not to wear ornaments in every day. Continue reading “Jewelry for bride”

Jewelry for special day even more special

Dress, veil, wreath, shoes, bouquet, hair, makeup … There are so many details to think about one of the most special days of life of the bride! Another item that should be chosen carefully and is an essential part of the look, are the jewels that she will wear on the big day, which should harmonize with the other elements of the visual.

jewelry for special day

Many women choose to use discrete jewelry on that date, usually small earrings and rings in neutral tones. In this case, nothing is better than gold and diamonds, or even with delicate pearls, one of the brides’ favorite combinations. White or yellow gold earrings with minimalist design also fit perfectly in the style of classic brides. Continue reading “Jewelry for special day even more special”

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Necklaces for brides: which to choose for each type of neckline

The jewels are the perfect complement to every bride, however, sometimes difficult to choose the most suitable for big day and even more in the case of necklaces. Here we give some tips for choice necklace you wear on your wedding day will be a little easier.

Necklaces for brides

The first thing to consider is that a wedding dress is not incompatible with the option of wearing necklace that you want to wear. Now, as in the case of any other supplement, with necklaces to keep in mind the kind of dress you have chosen since each type of neckline suits a type of jewel.

Strapless necklines: This group includes the sweetheart neckline and strapless. They are the most grateful for when choosing a necklace for your big day as they combine with all kinds of necklaces and lengths. Whether you like bib necklaces, very fashionable this season, you can wear them, but also will look perfect with a simple chain and teardrop pendant or a long necklace, though bearing in mind that it is above your cleavage.

Necklaces for brides

Petite neckline: Allow less risk and support only short necklaces or go directly tight to the neck. If you want a vintage style and your dress has this type of neckline you can get one of those necklaces that are totally glued ribbon around your neck . You’ll be spectacular!

Boat Neckline: As in the previous case, perfect if you bring a boat neckline is combine it with a short necklace. Do not forget that these dresses serve to show that you have a slimmer neck, a necklace too long also break this effect.

Necklaces for brides

V-neck: In this case you can afford longer necklaces. If you have big bust, you can choose a necklace that falls even beyond the V of your cleavage to stylize your figure more.

Illusion Neckline: With this type of dresses the most recommended is to not wear necklaces and chains, as they are designed precisely so that all visual attention go to this detail of your dress. Do not lean unnecessarily this look, because it will be very difficult to hit.

Halter Neckline: As in the previous case, with this type of neck do not recommend you wear a necklace because that undermine the essence of the dress. However, if you have to decant for one, choose a long necklace that falls well below your cleavage, thus you favor that both elements may have prominence.

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Jewelry for wedding day

The jewelry you wear on your wedding day, are almost as important as the dress you choose that time. Pieces will not only enhance your beauty but also complement your desired look that special day. There are many jewelry accessories you’ll need to choose carefully.

jewelry for wedding day

The elections of that day are very important, so we advise you to take it easy the right decision. Continue reading “Jewelry for wedding day”