How to choose the accessories invited to the wedding

Choosing the perfect accessories is essential to create an ideal and complete look. However, sometimes it is very difficult to choose, since we have many options and we do not know which to choose. That is why today we help you choose the accessories for wedding guests that best fit your dress or ensemble. Do not miss out on so many styles, shapes, and colors and pay attention to these tips.

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Types of accessories for wedding guests

The first thing you must be very clear is that quantity is not synonymous with elegance when completing our wedding guest complements. No need to overload our look, in fact, simplicity is the best ally to achieve harmony. After clarifying this point, comes the big question: what accessories add to my wedding look? Apart from the shoes and headdresses, we have classified the different complements into two groups: fundamental and optional. Continue reading “How to choose the accessories invited to the wedding”

The Most Common Gem Stones for Wedding Rings

Have you just started the process of shopping for wedding rings and you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed and confused with the options? Well the good news is that you’re not alone in this thinking, which is exactly why we’ve broken things down for you and provided you with a list of the most common gem stones for wedding rings. This is a great starting point that will help you narrow down your options and pick that perfect ring.

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Sapphires have been making a real splash lately, especially in wedding rings. One of the most popular blue sapphire wedding rings is that of Princess Diana’s, which was then given to Kate Middleton when she became engaged to Prince William. Now it seems that sapphires are popping up all over the place, both on their own as a solitaire or mixed with diamonds for a truly sparkling option. Continue reading “The Most Common Gem Stones for Wedding Rings”

Jewelry and accessories tips for brides

All aspire to have our wedding as a fairy tale. But not all can afford to look like a princess on her big day. That said, be a bride with little budget does not make you less of a princess. It just means that we must seek the value of our expenses by avoiding buy what do not really need. Achieve both at the same time can cause stress in the planning of our special day. The two main things that the bride worries are finding the dress and jewelry. In the latter, the bride can buy or not their jewelry without too much hassle at all. Check out these tips:

jewelry tips for brides

It is very important to choose jewels of good taste and economic. Between simpler better, remember that you are the sensation of the moment, not the jewels!

It is advisable to plan months before. First, you have to allocate a sum of money in your budget for jewelry. If you have no idea how much will be, you can go viewing options to jewelry and of those you have liked, you can target prices so that you have an idea about how much you’ll spend. Once this is done, buy jewelry before purchasing the dress or anything. Continue reading “Jewelry and accessories tips for brides”

All you need to know about engagement rings and wedding bands

The choice of engagement rings could become one of the most important decisions that the bride and groom themselves should take over his life. A decision should not be taken lightly and you should not rush. The same goes for the wedding bands. There is no need to choose the first one to be seen to take away the task above. There are pieces that you will get a lifetime; therefore you have to choose with head and taking into account many more factors that can think of.

So that you should be right directly with both decisions, we tell you some of the factors to bear in mind both for the choice of engagement rings to the choice of wedding bands. These are recommendations and details that sometimes you do not think and are essential for the final choice.

choosing engagement ring

Choosing an engagement ring

These are some of the factors to consider before choosing an engagement ring:

  • It is preferable that engagement rings containing at least one diamond. Diamonds are gemstones that symbolize eternal love and give life to this type of rings.
  • If you choose a diamond ring, make sure that they deliver quality certificate. This is the guarantee label that identifies the quality and purity of the diamonds that you are acquiring. All diamond rings must be certified.
  • If you doubt between a solitary commitment and an alliance of diamond, decant for the solitaire ring. This is a classic that the vast majority of women want to have.
  • When choosing, keep in mind your tastes but without forgetting hers is who will carry for life.
  • Do not leave the decision to buy it for the last time. The approximate period is recommended not to rush is about of two months before the ordered.
  • If you miss with the size of the finger of your future wife will not get bogged down. Jewelry stores offer the service to adjust it later.
  • It is important to consider the quality of each and every one of the elements that make this engagement ring. First of all diamonds are of high quality and are certified; and that the metal is always 18kt gold.

choosing wedding bands

How to choose some wedding bands

The first thing to consider when choosing a wedding bands is that it can have many different designs, so there gradually filter based on the tastes of each partner. To this we must consider the following points:

  • If you want some equal or different wedding bands. There are couples who prefer that both wedding bands are completely equal, on the other hand many others want each band will in accordance with the personality of each one.
  • There are not only completely smooth wedding bands. The wedding bands may have different textures. These can be completely smooth or provide them with some texture that gives them relief.
  • It is important to have clear the finish that is you want to give to the rings. You can choose a glossy one or matte finish.
  • Wedding bands may also have diamonds. Moreover, wedding bands with diamonds are some of the most desirable.
  • You can play with thicknesses, especially for men wedding bands. Men feel more comfortable with bands with a higher thickness, instead they prefer more finite models.
  • Wedding bands can be half cane style or have square corners.
  • There is no single color associated with these pieces. The gold wedding bands may be made in white, yellow, pink gold and even black. Of course, we recommend that these are always made in 18kt gold.
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How to choose a wedding tiara

The wedding tiara is usually an essential complement to many brides on their wedding day. Especially those who want to show a romantic and distinguished look, where an important jewel is the tiara of the styling of the bride.

choose wedding tiara

It is true that many brides who think it is difficult to choose a piece of these features, as well, we associate it many times to royal weddings mainly, and do not know how to integrate them into our bridal look. If so, don’t worry, we’re going to show that the tiaras are not of the royal houses, and if you want to be a princess also, we’ll give you some advice that surely helpful when you wear one of those wonderful diamonds tiaras on your wedding day. Continue reading “How to choose a wedding tiara”

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Titanium wedding bands

The titanium shows us its most sophisticated face transforming in delicate jewels. Jewelry that, thanks to the nature of this metal, we amazed by its lightness, comfort and durability. Features that make it the perfect material to come up with delicate designs as required by the wedding bands.

titanium wedding bands

The versatility that has the titanium allows us to wear jewelry that until now was ¨impossible¨ to perform. The truth is that it is more difficult material to sculpt compared with other elements such as gold, for example. But it has more advantages than disadvantages. Continue reading “Titanium wedding bands”

5 tips for choosing your bridal jewelry

We read daily hundreds of tips to make wedding day a unique and totally perfect, however, sometimes something with a single-day is not so perfect. As a woman, there is nothing that gives more grief to return not to use the prettiest dress that we have had in life. And if that is already a bad shot, we save another. Choose very discretion the jewelry for wedding that can be the perfect opportunity to shine our day and forever.

choosing bridal jewelry

Here we give you 5 tips to choose your bridal jewelry and hit.

Make a premeditated purchase. That is, do not expect to go through a jewelry and earrings you say, ‘Hey, we’re for you!’, and do not even decide to leave it by the end. Investigate, search and retrieval. When you reach the perfect jewelry you’ll know, and if you change your mind you can make a change. Continue reading “5 tips for choosing your bridal jewelry”

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Choosing jewelry for wedding

Jewelry is often the perfect way to give a touch of brightness and distinction to the wedding dress. When defining the look of the wedding and define accessories always we say it is very important to maintain the style of the whole.

jewelry for wedding

But to choose jewelry that you are going to look at your wedding, you will have to take into account especially the hairstyle and wedding dress:

  • If your dress has a plunging neckline, choose a medium jewel, which does not clash in size. The aim is to achieve a harmonious neckline.
  • For a dress with no neckline or very little, it is best to reject the idea of a necklace and put only a few medium-sized or small earrings. So we get the right amount of light to the face.
  • Continue reading “Choosing jewelry for wedding”

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Precious stones for wedding bands

The wedding bands tend to be “smooth” rings, but in the case of the bride usually wear some discreet stones. This article will discuss the traditional, but also new trends and surprising when choosing stones for possibilities your wedding bands.

stones for wedding bands

The classic
You can not start talking about alliances and not to mention the diamond. King among all gems, its brightness and white highlights look both gold and silver, and represent the purity. This makes them the ideal stone for a wedding.

However, you do not have to stay in the classic diamond. There diamonds of different hues, giving them small particles of other minerals or metals trapped in the crystal lattice of carbon. Continue reading “Precious stones for wedding bands”

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Three Pretty Metal Options for Wedding Rings as Alternatives to Yellow Gold

If you are getting ready to choose your wedding rings ahead of your big day, you may feel slightly overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choice there is out there. A beautiful wedding band should be durable, comfortable and flattering to your skin tone and hand shape, because you’ll be wearing it with everything – every outfit, every shade of nail polish, and all of your other jewelry!

wedding rings option

It is for this reason that many people now choose to move away from traditional yellow gold. Because gold is expensive, and ‘fake gold’ can look tacky, most people choose to wear other metals with a more grey tone for things like bracelets, watches, and other rings, so a yellow gold wedding ring can clash. Also, yellow gold is becoming less fashionable in general, with white gold and platinum now being the most common choices for engagement and wedding rings. Continue reading “Three Pretty Metal Options for Wedding Rings as Alternatives to Yellow Gold”