6 things to keep in mind before getting a tattoo

Not only it is important to be sure of wanting to have a tattoo, but also know the style, design and where in the body you want it.

before getting a tattoo

Black, symbolic, colored or to remember important moments. The tattoos can be a stylish personal brand, a piece of art on your body. However, there are several points to consider when making one.

1. Know what a tattoo is and be 120% sure you want to have one
A tattoo is a permanent mark on the skin, made with ink or pigments. For thousands of years people have become tattoos as a cultural expression of belonging, individualism or rebellion. Others, like criminals and slaves, were “marked” with tattoos. Continue reading “6 things to keep in mind before getting a tattoo”

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Tattoos in the eyeballs, the coolest of the moment

Now that the tattoos have managed to be imposed on the market some incredibly surprising trends have appeared. Can you do a tattoo on the eyeballs? Sure the first answer we give to this question is not… however, this trend already has a good number of followers who defend it.

tattoos in the eyeballs

To what point this does not imply a risk?
You know that to make a tattoo professional will use a needle… so … a needle in your eye? We can already imagine the added risks that this practice can go so far as to have. The idea is to change the target of our eyes for something much more original; however, if the procedure is not done properly, the damage may be irreversible. Continue reading “Tattoos in the eyeballs, the coolest of the moment”

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3 tips to maintain the quality of your tattoo

Maintaining the quality of tattoos is not an easy task. One must have plenty of care, especially in the early days, of course, but if you really want the perfect tattoo, there are certain things that you should always keep in mind. Come with me to meet some of these recommendations…

maintain quality of tattoo

Keep tattoo fresh
After properly fulfill all necessary primary care for tattoos (treatment, prevention of infection and other), the first few weeks should you keep cool and tattoo moist. What does this mean? That procures do not wear tight clothes or a garment that may cause friction in the area, use moisturizers to the skin and follow by washing well for at least a month. Never let the region is dehydrated and as much as we have told you, don’t even think remove crusts. Continue reading “3 tips to maintain the quality of your tattoo”

Care for a newly done tattoo

The choice of a good tattoo artist is critical to avoid taking risks in the process of tattooing, but once done this now is your responsibility to care for the tattoo to facilitate scarring and prevent infection. Here we are given some tips on how to care for a newly done tattoo.

care newly done tattoo

Do not take off the plastic protector. When the tattooed process is finished, the wound of the skin will be covered by an antibacterial gel and a plastic band. During the first few hours you must not remove it, as it protects you from all the germs and dirt that could affect it.

Clean the tattoo after 3 hours. After this time, now we can remove the plastic bandage and clean blood – it is normal that the tattoo bleeds. For that use an antibacterial soap and warm or cold water. Neither scrub, nor use sponges; gives a gentle massage with your fingers and rinse. Continue reading “Care for a newly done tattoo”

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How to choose a tattoo design

Choose a tattoo should be a careful process, because it lasts forever and the process of removing a tattoo is quite expensive. While most think about it, more you will enjoy your tattoo with the passing of time.

choose a tattoo design

The first thing to do is to find a design that has some kind of meaning for you. If you prefer, you can draw your own design, not only be the most original but being your design will be happy with the tattoo on your body.

Looking for a style that goes with you, with your personality and attitude towards life. If you like the scriptures in any language think again. Check the meaning of words or ideograms with which you are unfamiliar. Choose the words carefully and the type of letter. Continue reading “How to choose a tattoo design”

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7 tips that a man must follow before getting a tattoo

Most men come to a time in their life when they want to get a tattoo. So, after pondering for a long time and believe that the time has come, take the big decision. Here we give 7 steps to consider when to do it.

before getting a tattoo

Choice of design: The idea is proud of the tattoo, not to hate, and repent. So if you want to wear the name of your pet in the chest, do not be ashamed. Bear in mind that after hitting your skin with ink, follow comfortable feeling.

Size: You must know how much space you want to cover or you can feel comfortable. At the start, although the tattoo is small, will take time to get used to. Therefore, choose a place and size in which you know that you will feel comfortable. Continue reading “7 tips that a man must follow before getting a tattoo”

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What you should consider before getting a tattoo

Are you determined to become one for the first time? Discover the aspects that you must consider before getting a tattoo.

getting a tattoo

A tattoo can be artistic, attractive, original and sexy, but also represent a major commitment as the take with you forever.

Take the time you need to analyze the following tips and check if you really want a permanent tattoo.

  • If you have an idea take it away for 6 months or even a year to find out if you do not only follow a trend and see if you still want it so far.
  • The weather can affect your choice so choose something classic that transcends, a caricature is a good example of something that you should avoid.
  • Continue reading “What you should consider before getting a tattoo”

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How to care for and maintaining a tattoo

If you’ve decided to get a tattoo reminds that require a series of care if you do not want to have problems such as infections or injuries. Always follow the indications of the professional that you have attended.

maintaining tattoo

At least one day before you get your tattoo will have to make an allergy test to tattoo pigment if you develop a reaction to it. It is recommended not to drink alcohol or take other types of drugs 24 hours before and 24 hours after do it.

Try to make sure the needles with which you are going to tattoo are disposable and that have not been used for tattooing someone else. This is mandatory and that have to meet all the establishments authorized to tattoo. Continue reading “How to care for and maintaining a tattoo”

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