How and when to wear silver jewelry

Can silver jewelry are the most versatile to carry, but there are some tricks you should consider.

wear silver jewelry

Silver jewelry is as old as the jewelry itself. The ancient Egyptians, The Persians, The Romans and even The Incas had great affection for silver and for all of them it was synonymous with purity, beauty and nobility. The oldest jewels date back to 3000 BC, which means that humanity has been appreciating silver for more than 5000 years as an ornament of beauty and good taste.

Now, there is a jewel for every occasion and certain keys if we do not want to fall into excess or sin for sobriety. The important thing is to know that the jewels should work around the attire and that the latter should fit the context. In that order, everything is based on the harmony they must have from one to the other. Continue reading “How and when to wear silver jewelry”

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Combine your gold and silver jewelry and correct with all your look

However, in recent years, combined silver and gold jewelry has become quite a trend, either by mixing the two metals in the same piece as through different jewelry each of these materials. Materials which, in addition, we are lucky, because there are two basic as far as our jewelry and costume jewelry is concerned and, insurance, fill without realizing our “wardrobe” if we stop to think about the parts that we have, season after season, in our jeweler. Because, regardless of what is carried in every season, gold and silver accessories are timeless and never go out of fashion.

combine gold and silver jewelry

The key now: banish this false myth and yielding to a trend that has gone from being an impossible to make style and “sneak” as a distinctive and fundamental sign of any self-respecting outfit combination. And although the most important thing when adopting this trend (like any other) is that you feel good when you take on, are some ideas so you can combine these two metals without fear… You’ll get a much more original and stylish effect than you can imagine! Continue reading “Combine your gold and silver jewelry and correct with all your look”

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Rhodium-plated jewelry: what it means and what it is?

Perhaps you have passed that interest by a silver jewel you’ve read or heard the jeweler say that is a rhodium piece, and perhaps you’ve been with the question of knowing what referred to the fact that a jewel is rhodium-plated. If you want to answer the questions read on because in today’s post, we tell you what it means and because rhodium is used in silver jewelry.

rhodium plated jewelry

Rhodium is a metal belonging to the platinum group and as the rest of the components of this group is a question about a metal easy of working. Thanks to this malleability, this metal allows large creations in jewelry and can design all kinds of rings, bracelets, earrings… Continue reading “Rhodium-plated jewelry: what it means and what it is?”

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How to combine gold and silver in your jewelry

Previously thought that some materials could not be mixed, as in this case, the silver and the gold, many limitations were created when choosing a look since according to fashion, it was frowned upon mixing both materials, but now everything has changed, and mix both materials already is not frowned upon.

combine gold and silver

Although this combination is already something common, yet we need to know how to combine silver and gold in the right way, it is for this reason then we will tell you some tips to combine them when you achieve a good result.

The ideal is to mix two materials in the same piece, something more difficult is to use different parts, and for example gold rings with silver pendant. The latter may be difficult to combine but it is something that can give good results. Continue reading “How to combine gold and silver in your jewelry”

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How to combine metals in your jewelry?

Beyond fashion, there is a secret to no wrong when combining metals in your jewelry.

Can I mix gold and silver?
The myth that this mixture will give us bad luck is no longer worth us. Our answer is yes, always and when it is done without excesses and obeys minimum criteria. The main thing is the taste, but to help in choosing will propose a series of keys that you should not skip.

combine metals

Some keys to combine metals in your jewelry

  • You do it in the same piece.
  • Today there are jewelry combined metals whose result is amazing. Only those who are dedicated to jewelry design know how to make balanced and elegant set in rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

  • With a similar shape.
  • You mix colors on a same type of gem.
  • Imagine three bracelets with the same shape but in three different colors: yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. If you choose them different thick mixture you can crash but if they are identical or similar assembly achieved the opposite.

    It is a basic rule when combining metals and the goal is always to achieve a set that does not clash. Wear silver earrings and a gold necklace is not advisable, however mix several necklaces in yellow gold and white gold is trending today.

    Bet by a metal protagonist
    As for the look of your clothes, jewelry also ideally chooses a metal (tone) that plays the leading role and introduces small doses of another. That ‘presence’ almost negligible can make a difference.

    The colors are key. So if yours is not the risk, you can choose to merge only white metals such as silver, white gold or platinum, gold or metals like gold and bronze.

    And the surprising combination that can arise when combining metals or you imagine how much you can earn a gem with the help of an expert in jewelry.

    Remember that there is never a strict standard and you have the final say in choosing your jewelry. They are the best way to convey your personality.

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    Beauty woman must have Tiffany Bangles

    In the modern age, Tiffany jewelry is said that the mixture of grace and beauty, representing the artistic taste and the magnanimous nature of the donor. If you want to send gifts to your father, mother, friends or love, it offers the best for you. No matter pearl jewelry, gold and silver, also may find that you want in Tiffany. It is an object carried by each and every one the majority of shops keep a supply of the latest designs of the different costs so that you can fit in your pocket.

    tiffany bracelets

    Tiffany silver jewelry is a jewelry brand renowned worldwide. People who like fashion, especially women always want to wear the latest jewelry tiffany bracelets. Tiffany bangle and bracelet have been purchased over the Internet to thousands of times in recent days. With very few exceptions, these goods sold were found using the auction sites that can be found online. We will explore the different aspects of the acquisition of things as tiffany bracelet or bangle through an online auction site. Continue reading “Beauty woman must have Tiffany Bangles”

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    Caring for your silver jewelry

    The silver jewelry can become an object to which we adore. Some of us feel really crazy about them. And this need not be bad, quite the reverse, since this appreciation makes the caregiver support caring that we want the best possible, because if something is true is that many silver jewelry have more value than mere economic cost; either it is an inheritance, a family heirloom or a gift from a boyfriend.

    caring silver jewelry

    That is why, there are jewels that are unique and its loss would cause us great sorrow. In this article we will see a number of tips to help you keep your silver jewelry more bright and beautiful over time. That is, we will provide the main key for increasing the life span of a particular jewel in time.

    The first thing to consider is that a jewel is an object that requires special cares, truly care and affection. Don’t forget this, because offering this mentality that you will accomplish your silver jewelry have a much longer lifetime. Continue reading “Caring for your silver jewelry”

    How to choose the best silver jewelry for every occasion

    To look good and at the right time your silver jewelry, it is important to differentiate between events or special moments of day and night, as with clothing, which is somewhat easier to differentiate, in the case of silver jewelry also must take special interest in learning what the best silver jewelry is for every occasion.

    best silver jewelry

    The most important thing to learn how to wear the silver jewelry is not to be surcharge, i.e. less is more, especially if we are talking about striking silver jewelry, common with striking stone necklaces or rings jewelry. Continue reading “How to choose the best silver jewelry for every occasion”

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    New tips to care for silver jewelry

    Cleaning and care of silver jewelry is very easy if you take into account a few basic steps. With very little care and maintenance of silver jewelry will always shine.

    care of silver jewelry

    First and foremost: use them! Do not book them only for occasions and you’ll see that the more you use more soon acquire the beautiful patina that characterizes it.

    It is always wise to remember that silver is a soft metal so a silver piece can be bent or marked if misused. Continue reading “New tips to care for silver jewelry”

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