Perfumes and dresses: how to combine them perfectly?

When be perfect for any celebration, it is crucial to remember that all that matters is not only our physical appearance (how to make hair, how we are made up, how is our locker room), but it is also important to look after our fragrance. Choose a type of too strong smell could ruin your whole appearance at which so much time you have been working.

combine clothes with fragrances

How can we then choose the right perfume? As preferring for the best brands in the market, but also following these tips that you have prepared. Continue reading “Perfumes and dresses: how to combine them perfectly?”

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Choosing the best perfume according to your skin type

When buying a perfume or fragrance, you must know which is best for you with your skin type, since it is not the same to have the dry or greasy skin, since the compounds of each fragrance are combined with natural oils of your skin, often getting a very bad result. To find out what kind of perfume you should use based on your skin type, read it in the following post.

perfume according to skin

Oily skin
Skins with high fat content have a much more active chemistry than the rest. This means that interact more with any perfume that you use. It may be that some of them turn out to be more powerful and durable, but others instead produce a much more unpleasant odor. In this case, the ideal is to opt for soft and light aromas during the day and use a major quantity for the night. Choose floral and citrus notes and eliminates those containing musk. Continue reading “Choosing the best perfume according to your skin type”

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How to choose a summer perfume

When reach the warm months we do everything by feel fresher: we use the fashionable clothes, we opted for open shoes and light fabrics, but rarely think about the aroma that we use can play in our favor. And it is that depending on the fragrance we experience a feeling of freshness or heat, so it is very important to know how to choose a summer perfume to help us to feel like fresh out of the shower throughout the day. Here we give you the keys so that you can select it successfully.

choose summer perfume

In applying the perfume in the body, it does react with our skin can produce a cooling effect or, on the contrary, a greater sense of heat. That is why it is not convenient to use the same fragrance throughout the year, but rather we must choose the most suitable for summer and other equally appropriate for winter. Continue reading “How to choose a summer perfume”

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How to choose the right perfume

When a person decides that the perfume becomes a complement in their dress code, there are many occasions in which to deal with the purchase of a perfume, one does not quite know where to throw. It is true that the acquisition of a perfume has a lot of momentum and feelings, but upon reaching perfumery have to leave them in the background and apply for a while, too, a little common sense and some other criteria. Here we mention how to choose the right perfume through guidelines that are very easy to follow that you should take into account.

choose the right perfume

The personality
It is the first factor to consider. We each have a personality and perfume speaks when we smell and, therefore, it is important to combine well the style of the person with the notes of the fragrance. First, to differentiate what we like and what we dislike; second, to determine what best fits to each one. Continue reading “How to choose the right perfume”

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Tips for the fragrance of your perfume lasts all day

One of the aspects that most women care is the fragrance, as this is a fundamental part of the presentation. Often the perfume deals as a tool to conquer and attract the opposite sex.

fragrance of perfume

However, regardless of the perfume that we use it does not last all day. The duration of a fragrance on the skin depends on various factors such as; personal humor, the degree of sweating, skin hydration, and the pH and of courses our perfume.

That’s why we present some tips so that your perfume lasts the whole day: Continue reading “Tips for the fragrance of your perfume lasts all day”

7 tips to recognize an original perfume

Don’t be fooled perhaps by a pretty box and gets less tempting because it costs less, here we share 7 tips to learn how to buy original perfumes:

The bottle: In the original perfume the glass is smooth, transparent and of a piece to avoid any glue that may contaminate the perfume and the dispensing tube is straighter than curved. In non-original perfumes, the package has some relief coming out of both sides stick the bottle and dispensing tube is more curved, as industrially and not to the measure.

buy original perfumes

The case: Analyzes and compares the quality between the boxes in which there come the perfumes, print quality and details, if you see the box of bad quality or the regular printing, is certainly a fake perfume. The original perfumes come in boxes of large and heavy weight, to protect them from bumps and light. Continue reading “7 tips to recognize an original perfume”

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