How pearls are worn

Pearls are an accessory that never goes out of fashion, they are timeless, and so it is worth investing in this type of jewelry. In addition, to be the main detail if we want to get an elegant and mature outfit.

Pearls can be worn at any time of the year, be it summer or winter. It does not matter where we wear them, bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces … Everything is allowed.

wearing pearls

The stereotype of pearls is that they are only for mature women, but this is totally false. Currently, we can find infinity of models for all types of ages and tastes; everything will depend on the design.

Pearls have managed to reinvent themselves and have managed to mark their own aesthetic genre within the world of jewelry. The pearls can be accompanied by other materials: gems, stones, silver… Continue reading “How pearls are worn”

Cultured pearls: Origin and care

The gemstones come from inside the earth. But that rule has some exceptions and pearls are one of them (since these are gems of organic origin). From the depths of the sea, comes this precious gift that enhances the elegance and beauty of women. No doubt the pearls are precious stones full of mysticism.

cultured pearls

The jewelry market at the international level has faced a demand from users requesting jewelry incorporate into their quality pearls design. To do science and technology devised a mechanism for obtaining original pearls.

Cultured pearls
Cultured pearls are formed much like the natural way. The process begins in the body of the Bivalve after that to the same is inserted intentionally the irritant called the nucleus, which makes the mollusk react in a defensive way by using the segregation of mother-of-pearl, thus neutralizing the intruder wrapping, and over the years it comes the pearl. Continue reading “Cultured pearls: Origin and care”

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How to recognize and identify real pearls

Many times it is essential to know how to recognize real pearls, as there are many counterfeiters who sold fake pearl can get much money from those who can not distinguish between an original piece and a fake one. The pearls are very rare, only created in one of every 10,000 molluscs.

identify real pearls

The main reason why there is a lot of fake, is because the pearls have been used in jewelry pieces for many years, for this popularity is that many people tend to create fakes and mislead the people offering cheap jewelry or even in some cases similar to the real pieces this way not to create suspicions. Continue reading “How to recognize and identify real pearls”

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Different types of pearls according to their origin

The pearls are gems that do not pass the years. For centuries, these wonderful jewels have been a symbol of elegance, class and style. Some attributes that have arrived intact to this day and that today still regarded as one of the finest and most distinguished in the world of jewelry.

different types of pearls

If you like pearls invite you to discover more about them, its types, its color and shape according to their origin. You can not lose this!

How to create a Pearl?
Pearls are formed when a strange body is introduced into the shell of a mollusk. As a measure of protection this mollusk produces layers of nacre around the strange body that eventually ends up becoming a pearl. Continue reading “Different types of pearls according to their origin”

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Pearls: Tips for use with style

Jewelry and accessories with pearls are already cultivated or fantasy, are a motif that never goes out of fashion. Then we will give a series of tips so you can use them with style.

wear pearls

How to use in your work
If you want to wear pearls to your office, choose simple pieces. To use a necklace, try not to exceed the bust line and remember that it must be nothing more than a complement and not grab the looks. If you prefer to use bracelets, an excellent idea is to use a long chain around your wrist. Of course, keep in mind that it is not safe to use more than one accessory with pearls at a time. Continue reading “Pearls: Tips for use with style”

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Pearl earrings are classic pieces of jewelry in the jewelry box of a woman, a tradition that has been passed from generation to generation among the different women of the family.

pearl earrings

The pearl earrings are ideal for use in a daily supplement or in the most exclusive party if opt for a more elaborate design.

It is a kind of elegant and classic jewelry, adapted to the tastes and trendiest designs, which can be the perfect gift for a special occasion or perfect as a gift if you want to be cautious and stay ahead of holiday shopping. Continue reading “PEARL EARRINGS”

Things to Look for When Buying Pearls

Shopping for pearl jewelry requires careful research. Despite the large number of jewelry shops on the market, it can be difficult to choose a pearl necklace or other exquisite pieces.

pearl necklace

Many retailers sell fake jewelry for thousands of dollars. That’s why you need to shop around and research the sellers you’re interested in. Whether you wish to buy a pearl ring, you should do in-depth research before making a purchase.

Learn about the Different Types of Pearls
Savvy customers know that there are different types of pearls available. Make sure you understand the difference between natural, cultured, glass, and freshwater pearls. Glass pearls are inexpensive and come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. They are commonly used for fashion jewelry. Continue reading “Things to Look for When Buying Pearls”

The Information For Your Pearls Or Other Jewelry Purchases

Jewelry is considered to be a woman’s best friend. Therefore, it makes a great birthday or Christmas gift for the special lady in your life. Guys who are looking to do something special for the lady in his life can buy jewelry to show her how special she is at any time.

hanadama pearls

Anyone Can Buy Pearls
While a pearl necklace or earrings could cost you as much as $2,000 or more, it is not out of reach if you are willing to save up for it. There may also be financing available to help with the purchase. Having the ability to pay for the purchase in several installments may make it easier for those who don’t have a lot of money to spend to justify spending that much money on a gift. Continue reading “The Information For Your Pearls Or Other Jewelry Purchases”

The white in high. And with it, the nacreous!

We’ve talked a bit about pearls. But nothing about the nacreous. Want to know what it is? Come on, then.


In recent times, the white back with everything in fashion, and with this wave, there was the rescue of pearls and nacreous. They are all with the ball and can be used alone, in a more sedate look, or mixed – are mixtures of various colors of pearls, pearl blends with mother of pearl or mixtures involving other type of jewelry, such as chains.

The pearl is not a stone. It is the internal coating of several shells, consisting of nacre, the same substance that gives rise to the beads. So many people call “organic gem” or “mother of the stones”. Continue reading “The white in high. And with it, the nacreous!”

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New ways to wear jewelery with pearls

Pearls are considered classic in the world of jewelery. Delicate jewels made with this organic gem give a touch of romance to looks. But what about updating the look by mixing pearls with different colors of gold and stones?

jewelery with pearls

The long stars necklace is a reinterpretation of the traditional model called “rope”. The locks, strategically located in the stars of Noble Gold with diamonds, allow you to use it the size you prefer – smaller, greater, less or more laps. Combined with a powerful necklace with colored gemstones as the Nature of Noble Gold, diamonds and green tourmalines, results in contemporary elegance and is perfect for a night event.

jewelery with pearls

How about compose a more casual look, perfect for day to day? Mix pearls with jewelry in various shades of gold instantly update the look. Lightweight parts harmonize with the femininity of pearls without taking your focus.

Remember that after using the jewelry with pearls should be cleaned and stored properly to preserve all its natural beauty.

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