Long necklaces: Ideas to combine them

I am a fan of long necklaces. The long necklaces are very elegant, different, lengthen the silhouette, lose weight and always look good. Also, with changing necklaces you can wear the same uniform time after time and it will always look different.

combine long necklaces

The long necklaces also make the neck look more stylized, the short and tight necklaces shrink it visually, although there is always a neck style for every occasion. Fortunately, we can find a wide variety of necklaces for women in high quality jewelry shop. Continue reading “Long necklaces: Ideas to combine them”

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How to combine choker

As has so often been seen fashion is cyclical and this season have opened up the trends of the 1990s. The choker is one of them. This anglicism has sneaked into the vocabulary of every girl and seems to be to stay. In case you are not familiar yet, it is neck collars that have been adopting very different and different versions. The celebrities do not take it away and now you’re only there to catch up on how to combine the choker, the jewel of the moment.

combine choker

How to combine choker

The truth is that it is a very versatile accessory that will give a touch of style to your look. The secret knows how to combine the choker by taking into account three main variables: the type of situation, the clothes you have chosen and your body. Any occasion is good, but there are infinite models: the classic black ribbon, with a charm in the center, of colors, of lace, of rhinestones … You must seek the balance and learn to counteract so that it is not overloaded. Continue reading “How to combine choker”

Are you mom? Look at these snappers so fashionable necklaces

If you are the mother of a baby pays a lot of attention to what we are going to count in this post, since it will be of great help. And there is no doubt that many of the questions that appear on the mothers, especially gilts, have to do with the period of teething and breastfeeding. Here we are going to bring a number of tips for the former is really comfortable for the child.

snapper necklaces

Here we are going to bring to you a series of advice so that the first one is really comfortable for the child. But there is something that in recent times has become particularly important and increasingly is becoming an essential item for breastfeeding moms, necklaces.

It is a question of a few necklaces of silicone that are intended as teethers for the smaller and that are displayed as the best ally for both the lactation period as the teething, since it offer babies the possibility of sucking. Continue reading “Are you mom? Look at these snappers so fashionable necklaces”

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Tips for choosing the appropriate necklace

A good necklace can make the simplest attire a super outfit, or diminish the style to the garment cooler. The variety is so great that it is difficult to decide what we want for what occasion and what fits to our lifestyle. Not all women are hesitant to use them daily, but if you love this jewel, follow these tips.

choosing appropriate necklace

If it is for daily use as part of your look can play to combine them with the clothes, and vary between long round or surrounded to the neck, though not very easy to find there are a number of necklaces for everyday use, but if it is an elegant occasion seeks to use a very simple one of only single color, which does not subtract or your makeup or your outfit. Continue reading “Tips for choosing the appropriate necklace”

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Fashionable necklaces to complement the style of a woman

The necklaces are a symbol of glamour for women for decades. They want to hold this complement for its beauty and brightness, awakening many looks and attract many men.

fashionable necklaces

The necklace is one of the accessories that use most women to frame her style. Use it daily, in the morning to look fashionable and at night to see it glamorous.

Apparently, necklaces have become critical for women. With it tries to look beautiful, classy, fashionable and daring. No matter the season or the climate in which you are. The important thing is know how to use this accessory that although widely used which still must learn to use and how to use them. Continue reading “Fashionable necklaces to complement the style of a woman”

How to choose necklaces and pendants matching with you

A necklace or a pendants with a good hanging, is one of the jewelry pieces that stand out most in your outfit.

Exerts an inevitable attraction in the eyes of anyone, and this is usually good. But it also can be bad if you choose the wrong necklace for your outfit… or the wrong attire for your necklace.

choose necklaces and pendants

In this article we leave some tips that will be useful for you.

But first, just a warning:

Your necklace is not only a gem: it is a tool
The golden rule that will help you choose your necklace is to take it, first, as a tool.

Since the necklace or pendant will attract all eyes, you can use it to direct those looks wherever you wish, and keep away them from where you want to keep them away. And adapting this style to your body, you will be able to balance your image.

This is of utmost importance, as you will see in the following points.

Necklaces and pendants in function of the physical
Do you know what that black slims and white fattening? Or using vertical stripes for thicker people because horizontal make you look plump? As with necklaces something similar happens. According to its form or style, will help to enhance your most favorable traits, and mitigate those that are at least… or vice versa.

According to your neck

  • Women with long necks, can perfectly use short necklaces or chokers. These “cut” with elegance bringing harmony and balance to your figure. A long necklace to whom you can give several laps also feels great to a slender neck.
  • Women with shorter neck, however, does not feel too well a short necklace or pendant. To split it in half makes it visually even shorter, so what you asked this appearance is a long necklace. Combined with a good neckline will help to lengthen the neck in the eyes of others, to move the view point more towards the chest.

According to your bust

  • Women with buxom can use their necklace to keep away the look of them, using necklaces or short pieces that divert attention. It is necessary to avoid the biggest and longest, and especially the pendants with form of Y, that heighten neckline.
  • Conversely, women with small breasts who want to enhance it, will get it a long necklace, or a pendant at the height of the neckline.

According to your height
It is not that tall women must obligatorily use short necklaces. But short women should avoid long necklaces because these will emphasize short stature.

choose necklaces and pendants

Necklaces and pendants depending on the clothes
First is your physical, which is what it is. Then comes to your outfit, which already you choose. And this will be the second filter: choose the suitable necklace or pendant according to the clothes that you wear. And more specifically of your neckline.

For example, if you are not wearing neckline because you wear a high or swan neckline, your look cries out for a long necklace or pendant.

For a V-neckline fits perfectly one shorter necklace, which balances your whole image.

Strapless necklines, on the other hand, adapt much better to necklaces and short pendants, leaving adequate space of skin between the neck and the chest.

It is a matter of proportions: height and importance of the necklace must be balanced with the amount of skin you show, and the shape of the neckline.

Again, think of the pendant as a tool, and when you look in the mirror, check that your physical, your clothes and your necklace form a balanced and harmonious, based on the above.

Pendant or necklace?
Here there are no rules depends on you and your style. The necklace, for its nature, tends to divide attention “to width”, distributed by the whole necklace or mostly: think of a pearl necklace, or a tribal with stones.

With the pendant it is different. With a pendant you focus all attention on one point, the centerpiece. That’s what makes these ideal pieces for symbolism – laden messages in a custom jewelry just for you: whatever you have in front will be automatically drawn to that jewel, and you receive the message that you want to receive.

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Tips for choosing the right necklace

They have always been in fashion. Necklaces are one of those classic accessories that every woman should carry on many occasions. They help complement a look and simultaneously enhance feminine beauty.

choosing right necklace

However, you must know how to carry and above all combine well with different accessories that we wear. Wearing a necklace is an art; the same can magnify our appearance or ruin it.

When choosing a necklace, you should take into account that it is a supplement that emits a great visual force. So, if you have buxom and want to hide it, it is best to opt for a necklace and avoid too large necklace or in the shape of “Y”. Continue reading “Tips for choosing the right necklace”

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Necklace for different type of necklines

Accessories are a key point to compliment of any wardrobe. That is why we have to choose them according to our neck.

In this way we will be giving enhancement to the garment without overshadow the attire that let’s put. General recommendations:

  • Remember that the accessories that you choose must be in accordance with your wardrobe, style and occasion.
  • If your clothing call too much attention opt for simple necklaces, so that they will not steal the limelight from your garment, if instead your outfit is as simple to take a chance with accessories. As long as there is harmony between them.

strapless necklines

Strapless Necklines:

  • When using any outfit with this type of neckline you have the freedom to combine it with any kind of necklaces.
  • You can opt for a simple necklace as long as your choose, thick necklaces, XXL or plus size necklaces. As for the colors you have to choose them according to your skin tone or games with your earrings.
  • But that if take into account that when choosing a strapless garment necklaces can be short or long, large but considering that its main part should always remain on the skin of your neck.

Continue reading “Necklace for different type of necklines”

Using Necklaces and Earrings

We usually have several of these accessories in our possession but sometimes do not know how to use them, an easy way to find to put several together and observe it stand out over others according to the look that we want.

Necklaces, always maintain harmony, can be used on any occasion and give an elegant touch, a rule that we must consider is the accessories that draw attention to the part that carry them, so if we do not want that they are seen, we should avoid using them.

using necklace

There are necklaces of all sizes and shapes, but not all are for all, we need to know is that there colors and designs that are for specific purposes, and also for each figure, having always think in the neck and the type of cleavage that we will use for this purpose it is best to look in the mirror. Continue reading “Using Necklaces and Earrings”

5 necklaces that you can use with a basic T-shirt

Accessories always help us to complement our looks, especially necklaces, because when we add the outfit, completely changes.

However, when we wear necklaces avoid overloading the look, which is an attractive and stylish addition. Watch the perfect necklace to combine a basic t-shirt to spice up your outfit!

wear necklaces

Silver necklace
Silver is a super trendy, stylish and easy to incorporate color. It is fabulous to give life to a basic garment for a night look like for a casual look which you want to give style.

A silver necklace is perfect to complement the look of office, meeting with friends, a birthday or an appointment. Continue reading “5 necklaces that you can use with a basic T-shirt”

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