Jewels for Men: 3 rules of use that you should know

Although sometimes inadvertent, these small pieces of metal and stone can have a great impact on the opinions of the people with whom we want to work or get to know, that is why in this article will offer very important guidelines to take into account if we want to send the appropriate visual message.

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3 Rules of Use

Make them simple
When in doubt, my recommendation is that you choose a simple jewel if you do not like to stand out too much.

Once you are comfortable using generally accepted accessories, you can if you want to start introducing other pieces of jewelry like necklaces or bracelets for men. Continue reading “Jewels for Men: 3 rules of use that you should know”

Jewelry for men: Rules of use that you should know

The objective of this article is to provide men a guide for wearing jewelry, so that we can have a better grasp of the signals that we send. For better or worse, jewelry for men transmit signals about who we are, the commitments we have made and our status in society.

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While passing sometimes unnoticed, these small pieces of metal and stone can have a major impact on the opinions of the people with whom we want to work or get to know, it is why in this article we provide important guidelines to bear in mind if we want to send the right visual message. Continue reading “Jewelry for men: Rules of use that you should know”

Ronald Winston Not Just Another Gem

For many of us it would be a dream to be born into a wealthy family, where there is always a safety net to catch you if you fall. We have seen many that have had that advantage and throw it all away. There are many reasons why that happens, for one, knowing that you always received everything you wanted while growing up. For some it is hard to live up to the success that your family has achieved or for some they are just plain lazy and reckless. There is a lot to be said for someone who rises above all that wealth and is able to take it to the next level.


One such person that comes to mind is Ronald Winston, the son of Harry Winston, the king of jeweler’s to the super rich and famous. This was where many of the world’s most famous and expensive gems have passed through. He graduated from Harvard in 1963 with a degree chemistry, which was his first love. In fact, if he wasn’t in the family business he probably would have been a scientist. Continue reading “Ronald Winston Not Just Another Gem”

Accessories to wear with business suit

Women should avoid jewelry, large pieces of jewelry such as bracelets or noisy clumsy. Jewelry should be understated, elegant pieces hanging around the neck. Avoid necklaces or other jewelry that the rest of the neckline. Try a beautiful brooch instead of a necklace.

jewelry with business suit

Earrings should be small and classy. If you have to wear earrings, opt for shorter versions that hang within an inch of lobes of the ears. If you choose to wear a bracelet, opt for a more subtle, more simple. A female watch is always acceptable. Ankle should be completely avoided for a professional look. Stick to bring one or two rings. A ring to give a lot without exaggeration. However, the choice of sophisticated rings instead of striking rings. Simple bands, individual stones, wedding rings, mother rings or diamond wedding rings are appropriate. Continue reading “Accessories to wear with business suit”

Steel jewelry for men

Everyday jewelry industry expands more and is for that reason that new markets are opened, and for several decades the jewels are not thin elements only for women but that also now men and children often use this kind of clothing accessories.

steel jewelry

The steel jewelry and steel jewelry wholesale for this day gaining greater importance, not only for its fall and its properties but also their price is often less than classical precious metals such as gold and silver, but also tend to be very resistant and anti-allergic. Continue reading “Steel jewelry for men”

Jewelry for them: give originality!

It has always been said that the best gift for a woman is jewelry, especially a diamond. But what about the men? Sure, when you went to a mall, or a jewelry store, you see that there is a section dedicated to accessories specially designed for them, whether bracelets, rings or pendants.

Jewelry for them

The jewelry for them is a growing trend and there are fewer people who think it is something that leaves its standard of masculinity. Increasingly, men and fashion go hand in hand. Of course, the challenge is to choose a type of supplement that fits their way of being. Continue reading “Jewelry for them: give originality!”

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