Trends in jewelry for 2020

Of course there are always trends in jewelry, but it’s pretty obvious that they are much more flexible than in fashion. The classic always looks good and that is indisputable. When we talk about 2020 jewelry trends, perhaps the clearest to follow, are in jewelry, for a simple question of price. We can buy many bracelets on each season, very large and very ethnic, but jewelry, there are very few that can be adjusted to a strict fashion.

old jewelry

Although we know that the indicated accessory makes the difference for any outfit, the important thing is to be aware of the trends that will be presented this year, take into account that the fashion of the 80’s may return for 2020.

Something you should consider is that the world of fashion can be very changing, for example, the color purple may be a trend today, but tomorrow the color red may be fashionable, however, it is important that you take note and try not to miss the most important jewelry trends for 2020. Continue reading “Trends in jewelry for 2020”

How to combine choker

As has so often been seen fashion is cyclical and this season have opened up the trends of the 1990s. The choker is one of them. This anglicism has sneaked into the vocabulary of every girl and seems to be to stay. In case you are not familiar yet, it is neck collars that have been adopting very different and different versions. The celebrities do not take it away and now you’re only there to catch up on how to combine the choker, the jewel of the moment.

combine choker

How to combine choker

The truth is that it is a very versatile accessory that will give a touch of style to your look. The secret knows how to combine the choker by taking into account three main variables: the type of situation, the clothes you have chosen and your body. Any occasion is good, but there are infinite models: the classic black ribbon, with a charm in the center, of colors, of lace, of rhinestones … You must seek the balance and learn to counteract so that it is not overloaded. Continue reading “How to combine choker”

Precious Curiosities: The Sapphires

Sapphires are the most valued and hardest gemstones behind diamonds. The color par excellence of the sapphire is blue, however, we can find it in green, yellow, violet, black or transparent.

uses of sapphire

These stones are often used in meditation. They say that its luminosity gives clarity to the inside of the people. It brings peace of mind and helps you to have better intuition and awareness. Sapphires are also known to be the ‘Stones of Prosperity’ because there are a gift that frees from evil thoughts and helps in depressive states. Continue reading “Precious Curiosities: The Sapphires”

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The secrets of the septum

The septum piercing is performed right in the middle of the nose and, despite the fact that people believe that it is very painful, in reality, it is not so. To do this piercing it is not necessary to perforate the cartilage but the skin that covers it, therefore, the pain is not as sharp as it is believed.

septum piercing

The septum has a long history and is that, although it looks like one of the most innovative piercings, we can find it in images and figures from prehistory from different parts of the world. Its meaning depends on the culture in which it is made; it can be something purely aesthetic or a jewel with a spiritual meaning. Continue reading “The secrets of the septum”

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Chokers: The fashion of choker, choker necklace, meaning…

The chokers are the most famous necklaces of the 1990s and returned to lockers today to make company to all those cowboys torn, crop tops and platform shoes preparing to regain the style that used to be forgotten.

choker fashion

During the past few years has been looking forward to the comeback of the 90’s, although many think that this era of rock and roll stars and grunge was something that happened a little over 10 years ago, the truth is that the first fringes and denim jackets have managed to fulfill 25 years since it went on to become first in uniform or official dress of that time which in turn was loved and hated in equal parts, say 50/50. Continue reading “Chokers: The fashion of choker, choker necklace, meaning…”

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Jewelry of ancient Egypt

Dear girls, today we will speak about Egypt, its history, jewelry and places where you can buy lovely pieces with a touch of ancient times, symbolizing power and protection from evil.

ancient egypt jewelry

As we know, ancient Egypt valued much personal adornment, and jewelry was born to men and women of all social classes. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and anklets were all common motifs in ancient Egypt. Empowered by advanced technology, access to precious metals and gems, and culture of the nobility and royalty, who appreciate luxury and rarity over jewelry items mass produced, soon became the leading force the manufacture of jewelry and trendsetters who will live forever. Continue reading “Jewelry of ancient Egypt”

The most anticipated trends in body jewelry

The main trends in jewelry this season have to do with originality, brilliance and extravagance: large ornaments, pectoral chains and jewelry. After all, what could be more sensual, unusual and impressive a chain of gold or silver in a slim body in a bikini?

body jewelry

Any part of your body can be decorated with chains: the chain on the wrist, ankle and fingers, the chain on the shoulders and arms; chain in the thigh and abdomen, or even as decoration on the head, complementing your hairstyle. Continue reading “The most anticipated trends in body jewelry”

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The latest trends in rings for this summer

Today we want to talk fashion and trends, but rings, a perfect complement to beautify hands.

And is that the latest trends in rings and other jewelry and accessories will give you the opportunity to know how to dress well at 30, at 40, at 20, 60 or any other age, which is essential to always be beautiful and boast of a great beauty.

double rings

Want to know more about these supplements ideal for summer and find out what the latest trends in rings? Then do not miss these deals!

Double rings
Although it must be quite uncomfortable in the market we can find double rings, i.e. jewels that instead of being placed on a finger occupy a total of two phalanges. Continue reading “The latest trends in rings for this summer”

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Jewelry trends for fall

Do you want to know the latest in jewelry? Here we discuss jewelry trends for fall 2014 – 2015 so that you can be fashionable.

It seems that for this next season everything is permitted, especially in the world of jewelry. XXL or oversized jewelry will be, such as useful to get any monochrome look, sober and boring.

fall jewelry

However, the jewelry inspired by geometric shapes also has some prominence: straight necklaces, bracelets that draw triangles, circles… will become a must-have for next season. Continue reading “Jewelry trends for fall”

Trend: Rigid necklaces

Long time ago that celebrities and bloggers look rigid necklaces but recently this trend has managed to catch the fashion.

rigid necklace

Rigid necklaces are easy to match as they can show off both a stylish shirt or a low-cut dress as basic and streams to give a touch of joy and a touch of life to look. In fact, typically, rigid necklaces are large, bright and colorful so that attract attention of people easily. Continue reading “Trend: Rigid necklaces”