Why does my piercing smell bad?

We spend many days thinking about that new piercing that we want to wear on our body. So much so that sometimes we don’t stop to think that it also has a somewhat dark part. But let no one panic, because everything has a solution. Many people wonder why my piercing smells bad.

piercing smell bad

Well today we are going to answer that and remedy it. Finding out where that unpleasant smell comes from, we can say goodbye forever.

Although we think otherwise, it does not have to indicate that there is an infection, although it can also be one of the main reasons. Discover the others and their best solutions! Continue reading “Why does my piercing smell bad?”

Trends in jewelry for 2020

Of course there are always trends in jewelry, but it’s pretty obvious that they are much more flexible than in fashion. The classic always looks good and that is indisputable. When we talk about 2020 jewelry trends, perhaps the clearest to follow, are in jewelry, for a simple question of price. We can buy many bracelets on each season, very large and very ethnic, but jewelry, there are very few that can be adjusted to a strict fashion.

old jewelry

Although we know that the indicated accessory makes the difference for any outfit, the important thing is to be aware of the trends that will be presented this year, take into account that the fashion of the 80’s may return for 2020.

Something you should consider is that the world of fashion can be very changing, for example, the color purple may be a trend today, but tomorrow the color red may be fashionable, however, it is important that you take note and try not to miss the most important jewelry trends for 2020. Continue reading “Trends in jewelry for 2020”

The unwritten rules of luxury jewelry

How to choose them depending on the time of day, event, season of the year or other accessories

rules of luxury jewelry

The jewels are the feminine complement par excellence and the oldest and allow us to achieve the touch of distinction that we want to give to our wardrobe. But we must be careful in their choice because the abuse of jewelry or accessories can cause the opposite effect.

If you are lucky enough to have many valuable jewels, it is not about going outside with all of them on. It is a gesture of ostentation that can be misinterpreted and, instead of being projected as an elegant person; it can give an excessively artificial image. You have to know how to choose them depending on the time of day, the event you are attending, the season of the year or the clothes you are wearing at all times. Continue reading “The unwritten rules of luxury jewelry”

Inflatable letters in your jewelry

Jewelry is the perfect company for every occasion, regardless of the context we always find that ideal piece that revives our image and adds a colorful detail to the “look” of the moment, whether as a small focal point or as the center of our entire “outfit”, Its presence without a doubt tends to be imperative, without the need to reload the attire with too many jewels at once, the use of certain garments at the right time will become that plus we all want.

letters in jewelry

That is why it is important to know how to choose the pieces that will occupy an essential place in our jeweler, those that are sober while being showy, ideal for work, the most elegant and striking for special moments, the frequently used ones that fit perfectly in a cafe with friends, a evening movie or maybe for that night party. Continue reading “Inflatable letters in your jewelry”

7 stones, 7 wishes. What is your amulet?

Year after year we dream of fulfilling different desires to achieve personal and professional fulfillment.

There are times when the lack of constancy or dedication allows these purposes to remain in just that and not materialize.

precious stones

But, what happens when you have a talisman? Below we show you those precious stones that will be your good luck charms and faithful allies to charge you with energy to achieve your dreams.

Let your elegance and sophistication conquer you. Continue reading “7 stones, 7 wishes. What is your amulet?”

7 jewels that every woman should have

One of the weaknesses of girls is jewelry, we know it. And we also know that whenever you see something that you love, you’re tempted to buy it now! This time we leave you seven that you must have yes or yes.

pendant earrings

1. Pendant earrings

Earrings in the shape of hoops can add the exact touch to give light to your eyes. They are perfect to feel feminine and ensure that, even on a day where you wear jeans and T-shirt, you look radiant. We love this pair in which the geometric shapes stand out and the stones offer a spectacular shine. Continue reading “7 jewels that every woman should have”

How to combine clothes and jewelry? We give you the keys

The accessories are a fundamental part to make any look stand out in a special way, and in the world of accessories, jewelry plays a key role. Combining clothing and jewelry may seem easy, but in this post, we teach you a few tricks so you can become an expert.

combine clothes and jewelry

How to combine clothes and jewelry properly?

It is not just a matter of providing a detail to complete our style, but of achieving the best result. To achieve this, the type of jewelry we use is essential, that is why we recommend you to always use modern and quality jewelry. Continue reading “How to combine clothes and jewelry? We give you the keys”

10 Key Jewelry Pieces That Every Modern Woman Must Have

Having style is not the same as being fashionable. And there is nothing more ‘stylish’ than knowing how to choose your accessories for every occasion. Discover the secret!

key jewelry pieces

The bearing with which a woman is conducted is undoubtedly her best letter of introduction. Bringing an impeccable and appropriate image according to the environment in which you are, gives you security and positions you in a favorable way before others. But how do you achieve that infallible style?

Definitely, choosing the right garments is a basic ingredient in this recipe, but it is the accessories that have the true power to lift or ruin an outfit altogether. Add a pearl necklace to your look and achieve a more sophisticate effect, or complement your outfit with a stone maxi collar and take it from day to night in an instant. Continue reading “10 Key Jewelry Pieces That Every Modern Woman Must Have”

Resize a ring. What can go wrong?

Did your dearest ring is no longer on your finger? There is no need to worry; there is always the possibility of increasing or decreasing its size.

resize a ring

There are several reasons why we want to change the size of rings, bands or alliances. Either because we want to change it from finger or because we have increased/decreased of weight.

In reality this repair is very common, however it is important to know that something could go wrong or simply that by the model, material or structure of this cannot make changes in size. Continue reading “Resize a ring. What can go wrong?”

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Day Jewelry And Night Jewelry

Day or Night?
As with shoes, clothes or eye shadows, there are also jewels that are designed to show off at a particular time of day, at night and others during the day. However, we can find others that, combined with a more casual look, can be worn both when there is the sun as when it goes away. Those products that carry diamonds are likely to be accessory to wear at any time will complement you perfectly with everything. Rings, bracelets and simple pendants of silver or gold jewelry are some of the accessories that cannot miss in our jewelry to wear on a daily basis.

A jewel is always an added value that brings elegance and sophistication to the outfit that we wear or want to wear. It is for this reason that we must hit the jewels in each moment, depends on the outfit that we wear, with the jewels we can give a different touch: more classic, more distinguished or more eventually.

jewelry for day wear

Jewelry for day wear
Increasingly essential in our day to day, the jewels have become part of our daily routine, we wake up, and we put on the jewels, get dressed and start the day. Every day always jewels minimalist, discreet, or that at least it seem, do not have to be left with an excessive look, if not: what would we put ourselves in the night? Most women look every day, gifts, jewelry with meaning, is who feels naked without pedants and it has a great variety of them for all days but you will always have at your jeweler some more flashy for other occasions and those of “not without my watch”.

To accompany our look and give a touch of distinction the best is to use simple jewelry but with character. The bright as the stones or diamonds and long earrings are allowed.

jewelry for night

Jewelry for the night
At night it is best to leave the watch at home and replace it with a bracelet. Do not make mistakes; if the dress or shirt that we wear is bright, it is preferable to wear other type of earrings without stones. It is true that less is more, so it is advisable to use a single bracelet, a single ring and a single pendant; flashy jewelry in one place, do not overload the area. At night colors, pearls and stones to look radiant with the touch of harmony that can bring your accessories.

The only time of the day when the jewels remain is when doing sports; do not forget to take them away and save them properly! You will avoid hurting yourself, being lost or spoiling.

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