Larimar: An unequal stone

The larimar was discovered about thirty years ago, however from the time of its appearance it has been considered as a rare gem that is only able to be found in a place in the world, this is the case of the Dominican Republic. This stone not only stands out for its beautiful appearance, but also has quite particular characteristics that make it unique in its type.

larmiar stone

This gem which is a variety of pectolite is composed largely of nectolite, acid hydrate of calcium silicate and sodium; although pectolite is able to be found in many places, in none it has the blue coloration, which is the main characteristic of larimar. Currently the only town on the planet where this gem is located is the province of Barahona, southwest of the Dominican Republic. Continue reading “Larimar: An unequal stone”

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7 stones, 7 wishes. What is your amulet?

Year after year we dream of fulfilling different desires to achieve personal and professional fulfillment.

There are times when the lack of constancy or dedication allows these purposes to remain in just that and not materialize.

precious stones

But, what happens when you have a talisman? Below we show you those precious stones that will be your good luck charms and faithful allies to charge you with energy to achieve your dreams.

Let your elegance and sophistication conquer you. Continue reading “7 stones, 7 wishes. What is your amulet?”

How to clean onyx stones?

Keep clean our jewels or crystals are important, so we bring you these tips to clean the onyx stones. They are ideal for you to show off again dazzling crystals!

clean onyx stones

First of all should know that the Onyx is somewhat fragile, so it can be damaged, broken or easily scratched because of its porous surface, so care must be taken during cleaning.

It may be that the Onyx you have only a stone with dyed agate, this is very common today, but even so it must be cleaned as if it was an authentic onyx. Continue reading “How to clean onyx stones?”

The Most Common Gem Stones for Wedding Rings

Have you just started the process of shopping for wedding rings and you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed and confused with the options? Well the good news is that you’re not alone in this thinking, which is exactly why we’ve broken things down for you and provided you with a list of the most common gem stones for wedding rings. This is a great starting point that will help you narrow down your options and pick that perfect ring.

gem stones for wedding rings


Sapphires have been making a real splash lately, especially in wedding rings. One of the most popular blue sapphire wedding rings is that of Princess Diana’s, which was then given to Kate Middleton when she became engaged to Prince William. Now it seems that sapphires are popping up all over the place, both on their own as a solitaire or mixed with diamonds for a truly sparkling option. Continue reading “The Most Common Gem Stones for Wedding Rings”

Precious stones for wedding bands

The wedding bands tend to be “smooth” rings, but in the case of the bride usually wear some discreet stones. This article will discuss the traditional, but also new trends and surprising when choosing stones for possibilities your wedding bands.

stones for wedding bands

The classic
You can not start talking about alliances and not to mention the diamond. King among all gems, its brightness and white highlights look both gold and silver, and represent the purity. This makes them the ideal stone for a wedding.

However, you do not have to stay in the classic diamond. There diamonds of different hues, giving them small particles of other minerals or metals trapped in the crystal lattice of carbon. Continue reading “Precious stones for wedding bands”

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Buying Semi Precious Stones

The semi-precious stone market is endlessly diverse. These stones can have a variety of appearances and personal meanings to the buyer. If you are newly in the market for one of these, it’s a good idea to learn something about the market. You’ll make a better buy, and make sure that you’ve chosen something that you or a loved one will truly cherish.

semi precious stones

What are Semi-precious Gems?

Gems are considered precious due to their beauty and rarity. Other, more plentiful stones, still have great beauty, but due to their natural availability, will not command as high a price as diamonds or emeralds. These stones, like amethysts for example, will fluctuate in price according to market demands and the discovery of new reserves. Continue reading “Buying Semi Precious Stones”

How to recognize a gemstone

Buy jewelry with gemstones can be quite confusing because the prices are very different for jewelry that appears to be similar. Many of the terms used to define them can be confusing because they are labeled as natural, genuine, synthetic, simulated, treated or, in some cases, a combination of these words.

recognize gemstone

Even for professional gemologists can be arduous task to differentiate a real stone from another that is not. Currently, there are sophisticated manufacturing technologies that make synthetic stones may be not only as a current but generally are created using the same processes as natural. Continue reading “How to recognize a gemstone”

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Emerald jewelry: The most beautiful precious stone

We’ve always heard about the Emerald as one of the most beautiful gemstones in the world used in jewelry. Many people agree that nothing can compare to the beauty and attractiveness highlighted in green along with the diamond jewelry.

emerald jewelry

It is a stone that attracts people of all ages and it is associated with people born in the month of May when, with spring, nature promises us so characteristic green color. Furthermore it is considered the symbol of honesty and kindness. Today it is considered the best gift to the beloved woman. Continue reading “Emerald jewelry: The most beautiful precious stone”

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Natural stones: Excellent choice for jewelry

You could be considered natural stones, frequently used in high quality jewelry, deserve to be called something more than “semi-precious”.

natural stones

Among the many varieties which are on the market some of the most interesting are those which are not transparent and are usually cut faceted that as cabochons. These natural stones are not only appreciated for their color but by the natural details that make each stone a unique cut and despite being considered commercially as “semi-precious stones” does not underestimate its high value. Continue reading “Natural stones: Excellent choice for jewelry”