What your earrings say about you

earrings style

Among the accessories for girls, the basic and essential will always be the earrings. It is possible, in some occasions, to leave without makeup but never without these small complements. Its presence gives the necessary touch to each of your outfits and will always be the perfect frame to make your face shine. This time we tell you what your earrings say about your personality according to the style you choose. Keep reading! Continue reading “What your earrings say about you”

How to choose the most suitable earrings for your baby

A fairly common decision among the parents of a newborn, especially if it is a girl, is to put your baby on earrings. And although there are parents who prefer to wait until their daughter is older and can decide for herself, there are many who are inclined to put small earrings to her baby within a few days, or even within a few hours, of being born.

best earrings for baby

In fact, children’s earrings are often one of the most classic and recurring details when it comes to giving a gift to new parents. Because, whatever it is and, of course, put them anytime you want, there is one thing that is clear: the girls are beautiful with their earrings! Therefore, a newborn earring will be a special memory that can be preserved throughout life. Continue reading “How to choose the most suitable earrings for your baby”

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How to choose the appropriate earrings according to your face

The earrings are inevitable garment in women clothes, there are some who actually confesses did not go out on the street without it. But do you know to choose the appropriate for your face?

choose appropriate earrings

All the many options that you have when choosing them, it is sometimes difficult to know which are indicated. You always have to choose ones that fit your style, your clothes, activities and places where you function normally, but above all, you must choose one that enhance your beauty and go according to the characteristics of your face. Continue reading “How to choose the appropriate earrings according to your face”

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Earstack: Five ideas to wear multiple earrings

We cannot deny it, it’s never enough! A few seasons ago we become obsessed with arm party, just last year we could not stop decorating our fingers with multiple rings and now, the fever has taken over our ears!


What is the reason? This trend perfectly combines the feminine and sophisticated air with our free and daring spirit.

Shines: bold makeup, full of color…
Who would like to that the pearls could lead as well with the spikes? For inspiration, we’ve gathered some cool ideas. Let us begin!

  • The same mold
  • This look is perfect if you have a symbol with which you identify. Choose pieces that are the same material and rotate around it. Is our recommendation? Arms around a flower garden in your ear.

  • Hoops here, hoops over there
  • Explode your rebellious side with this combination. The key here is to choose several rings of the same size or shape and go them stacking along your earlobe. Add the finishing touch with a long earring.


    Glamour Tips: Carries all of your hair to one side to give prominence to your jewelry, you steal more than a look!

  • A little of everything
  • Forget the rules! Play with different shapes and materials in your jewelry to create this ‘chaotic but orderly’ style.

    A piece that you simply cannot miss is front back earring type; don’t you think that this detail adds extra?


  • With minimalist
  • We know that this trend might seem a little bold, but that does not mean you cannot take it. Go for simple pieces such as gold or silver rings and adds an original piece. What such an arrow?

    Ends with stones like pearls that will add the chic factor.

    Glamour Tips: Opt for one metal to maintain the harmonious of this combination, you can even take it to work.

  • Glamorous
  • For a holiday night, turn up the volume to your look and play with forms and materials. This combination of brightness and straight lines fascinated us.

    How do I combine? Some smokey eyes are your best ally.

    Earrings for square face

    Being aware that each and every one of us has some features that make us not only women can, by physiognomic reasons, wear the same accessories.

    In the market we can find many options that offer us many possibilities but, unfortunately, not all turn out to be appropriate as that kind of face. Today we focus on the ideal earrings for square faces.

    square face earrings

    Hoop earrings
    The rounded shapes contrast with the facial shape so marked that they tend to have square faces. This form of earring as opposed to the face creates an optical effect able to smooth oval shape. For this reason the rings are one of the accessories star for square faces and a must have for women with this type of facial contours.

    Teardrop earrings
    This is one of the most flattering options within supplements for square faces are teardrop shaped or drop earrings. The design of these, like the previous case, counteracts of visual form the angles so marked with the oval. In addition, usually earrings never go out of fashion because they have some classic lines; on the other hand, they tend to favor almost all kinds of faces. Keep that in mind if you’re going to give yourself or a gift.

    These are the earrings better feel to a square face. Moreover keep in mind your style, your lifestyle and activities by the clothes that you usually wear.

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    The best earrings for your face shape

    Besides a good haircut, we have to know what accessories are adapted to the shape of our face, so do not lose finest aesthetics. The earrings that best suit us are those with an opposing cutting our profile.

    best earrings for your face shape

    Oval face: The oval face is considered the perfect face. If your face has this cut, do not stop and innovates with all possible styles.

    Square face: The shape is given by the sharp angles on the chin and forehead. Balance your profile with oval earrings – elongated or small – and rings. And preferably do not use large earrings that do not hang up.

    Round face: The best for this type of face is oval, linear and rectangular designs. Do not use those that are large or in the same form. Continue reading “The best earrings for your face shape”

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    Using Necklaces and Earrings

    We usually have several of these accessories in our possession but sometimes do not know how to use them, an easy way to find to put several together and observe it stand out over others according to the look that we want.

    Necklaces, always maintain harmony, can be used on any occasion and give an elegant touch, a rule that we must consider is the accessories that draw attention to the part that carry them, so if we do not want that they are seen, we should avoid using them.

    using necklace

    There are necklaces of all sizes and shapes, but not all are for all, we need to know is that there colors and designs that are for specific purposes, and also for each figure, having always think in the neck and the type of cleavage that we will use for this purpose it is best to look in the mirror. Continue reading “Using Necklaces and Earrings”

    The studs: a mixed gem

    The studs is a fine and discreet jewelry for those seeking an elegant touch and want earrings combining the discretion of the beauty of the jewel.

    The time where the earrings for men shocked and indeed gone. The studs have become very trendy accessories. Men and women therefore have a gem in common: The Studs. And it is not uncommon that Mr. takes the model of madam and vice versa!

    stud earrings

    The studs for men
    Earrings for men and in particular the nail emerged in the 1960s. They were the fashion accessories of the hippies and the United States of the gay communities. But today, the highlight is fashion jewelry like any other and no longer has the label of “bad kind”, “rebel” and “marginal”. David Beckham is the proof. He never goes out without his studs. Continue reading “The studs: a mixed gem”

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    Choosing the perfect earrings

    Whether large, small, square, round or diamond, the earrings are perfect to complement any look and give a fun, romantic and elegant touch, though, to hit with these accessories, it is very important that choose considering the shape of our face and body so we stay cool.

    perfect earrings

    And the earrings can provide a very special atmosphere whatever we style, as well as a great beauty. And do not forget sunglasses, our favorite bag and the shoes that we love to put the final touch to our look.

    The perfect earrings for your face shape
    When choosing these beautiful jewelry, the first thing should do is pay attention to your face type and choose, always, accessories whose shape is completely different from your face. Continue reading “Choosing the perfect earrings”

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    Earring for the navel: look sexy this summer

    Keep you at your ideal weight, it is complicated but in the end you cause satisfaction and now that summer is time to look cute and sexy. In this post we’ll show you the most beautiful models of earrings for navel. Pay attention!

    Dream catcher
    I entered the fashion dream catcher, there are many designs that I love, I recently discovered that you can also find dream catcher in jewelry for the navel and I loved the idea!

    earring for navel

    As you know the catcher is a tool used by the American Indians to filter dreams, however with the passing of years, many cultures appropriated this symbol and created beautiful designs.

    Do not think that being a dream catcher has to be large and therefore be rough, as you can see there, smaller and discrete models, but will always be hanging by the shape of dream catcher.

    You can choose more than one for use by the color of your swimwear, for example. Also some of the jewels that have seen better at night, because its shine: cheer up!

    Keep in mind that pen color can vary, so you can choose the color that best suits your personality: you’ll look cute!

    More discreet jewelry
    If you prefer something more discreet, I understand completely, you can buy smaller designs and thus less flashy. For example, popular colored gems or small stars, there are many varieties of patterns and colors, be patient until you find the indicated or, conversely could take more than one.

    earring for navel

    The rings are also an excellent choice, as the previous model. They are small and you can find them in different colors. Being small does not weigh as much as the long gems, but you must still be careful with them. Remember always to acquire these gems in centers of confidence.

    Long and provocative
    If you’re daring, you can also choose long and original jewelry as I will show below:

    earring for navel

    This gem, for example has the symbol of music, you can use it to go to the beach or at a party where your outfit requires bare navel.

    This gem could use it for an important event and its silver gems will highlight your outfit and you will look amazing, definitely.

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