Differences between diamond and brilliant

Precious jewels such as diamonds will always be a special gift to give on any occasion. Although many times you seek to give one as a gift, but you do not know well the difference between a diamond and a brilliant. Has it happened to you?

diamond and brilliant

If we told you that a diamond is not exactly a diamond, but one of its components. Would you believe it?

We want to give you the necessary answers so that you have no doubts about the differences between diamonds and brilliants.

Do you know what a diamond is?

One way to understand well the difference between a diamond and a brilliant is by knowing what they are, so let’s start with the diamond. This gem is a natural mineral composed of carbon, arranged in a cubic shape.

Diamonds are recognized worldwide as one of the most valuable stones in the jewelry world. For this reason, carvers seek to create the greatest amount of carats of this precious mineral. Continue reading “Differences between diamond and brilliant”

The 4Cs of diamonds: What are they? What are they for?

The diamonds are one of the most beautiful gems in the world. We all know them and most of us would like to have at least one in life but, do you know what the qualities that make them so beautiful are? How can you identify when they have all the virtues of quality? One way to find out is through calls 4C’s. Here we tell you what they are and what they are for. Keep reading!

4Cs of diamonds

The 4C of the diamonds refer to the four attributes that give them their beauty: clarity, cut, color and carat. Let’s see each of them and why you should know them. Continue reading “The 4Cs of diamonds: What are they? What are they for?”

Diamond Clarity – How Much Does It Really Matter?

Diamonds have been a jewel of choice for decades now. They are associated with love, romance, and are the most popular stone found in engagement and wedding rings. So when it comes to shopping for that perfect diamond, what is clarity and how much does it really matter? Here’s a crash course in diamond clarity so you can decide for yourself.

diamond clarity

What is Clarity?

Clarity isn’t something that is decided upon by the jeweler or the buyer; the clarity of a diamond is actually assigned by gemological laboratories. Every diamond on the market is given a clarity grade and it is based on the stone’s birthmark if you will. Because diamonds are naturally formed in the earth, each one is unique and each one has flaws. Continue reading “Diamond Clarity – How Much Does It Really Matter?”

Black Diamonds: Origin and characteristics

The black diamond is very different from the more commonly known such as those white species. Its color and hue is not the only feature that distinguishes them as black diamond’s have an extremely mysterious origin and a very unique composition.

black diamond

According to experts, the black diamond has obtained its dark, opaque hue as a result of the inclusion of iron oxides in the stone, forming a different type of carbon that the containing the other diamonds of other more common tones and less extravagant. Jewelry made based on these dark diamonds is not only immensely stylish but has a very particular mysterious atmosphere. Continue reading “Black Diamonds: Origin and characteristics”

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5 Different Diamond Shapes Most Popular among Girls

At the point of selecting a jewel, you should first of all consider its shape. Each jewel shape is uniquely stylish. For instance, round, precious stones offer the greatest shimmer while princess jewels include a precise, contemporary excellence that looks beautiful in exemplary and geometric settings. Pick the right diamond cushion jewels as they are a perfect decision for vintage-propelled settings. Besides, brilliant precious stones are a dazzling option for princess and pad precious stones for those inclining toward a rectangular shape.

Different Diamond Shapes

Asscher and emerald jewels are step-cut, for a smooth, exquisite appearance. They emanate less fire or shimmer than round precious stones yet they are more straightforward. Marquise, oval, and pear-formed jewels are more particular shapes, and help fingers look long and slim because of their prolonged appearance. Heart-moulded precious stones express your assessment with a twist and are frequently supported by romantic people. Continue reading “5 Different Diamond Shapes Most Popular among Girls”

Buy Diamonds

When you start the process of buying diamond jewelry, there are many factors that you should consider. For starters, you have to find a reliable jeweler’s and have a wide selection. The better selection, many more chances you have to find something really appropriate for the occasion. In this part of the process, you should consider buying online, where you not only find a wide selection, but also the ability to customize some parts.

buying diamond jewelry

Even after finding a jewelry store that you like and which you trust, have to think of some more details before you buy the jewel. Much of your decision has to do with the diamond that you choose. They are beautiful and detailed stones and there are many factors that differentiate the mediocre of the spectacular. Continue reading “Buy Diamonds”

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Meet the diamonds purity scale

The diamonds are the hardest minerals of the earth and one of the most beautiful that is found in nature. But not all are perfect, so used a scale depending on its purity that will cause them to be more or less valuable.

diamonds purity

This mineral is the one that has more hardness of all known, which has therefore to be able to carve it used another diamond. Depending on the type of size it will have one way or another and this will make it be called in different ways. There are numerous types of size, from the brilliant, princess to the marquise cut. Continue reading “Meet the diamonds purity scale”

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Fiamma Jewelry presents new collection of pink diamonds

The jewelry firm Fiamma has presented a new collection of pink diamonds, ranging from engagement rings to pendants. With this new line, it becomes more accessible opportunity to sport a diamond of this color as they are very scarce.

pink diamonds

The pink diamonds are a mineral which is quite rare and very difficult to achieve, as they are several kilometers deep, which makes very difficult extraction, hence, they have a lot of value, rather than their “brothers” white diamonds. In addition these diamonds have a brightness and color that makes them extraordinarily beautiful and unique. Continue reading “Fiamma Jewelry presents new collection of pink diamonds”

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How to tell if a diamond is real or fake

When you purchase a diamond in which you invest a lot of money, you want to be 100% sure that the diamond is real. Currently you can not even trust the vendors themselves, and the best option is that a reputable jeweler will value the diamond.

check diamond

If you buy a stone you have not seen, as in the case of buying jewelry online, it is advisable to request a certificate (laboratory known as GIA, AGSL, LGP, and PGGL). Continue reading “How to tell if a diamond is real or fake”

Color diamonds, why not?

When you think about a gift of jewelry, most people imagine clear or colorless jewels. However, it is useful to know that diamonds form naturally on the surface of the earth in a variety of bright colors.

color diamond

The color diamond to retain the wonderful sparkle and brightness of the clear diamonds and can be used in jewelry as pieces of a great beauty. For example, can be the most exquisite black diamond rings. Continue reading “Color diamonds, why not?”