Elegant Bridal diamond bracelets of Shamballa Jewels

Because the jewelry should not be neglected, accessories are also important part of your bridal look. These complements the pick according to your style, but everyone should love at first sight as these stylish Shamballa Jewels diamond bracelets for brides for wedding. Worthy of a princess!

Shamballa Jewels diamond bracelets

Once you chosen the perfect dress for your wedding day now need to choose the accessories that perfectly complement your bridal look. These bracelets with diamonds can be a perfect choice to bring some luxury and sophistication that day, plus that are ultra modern and chic. Continue reading “Elegant Bridal diamond bracelets of Shamballa Jewels”

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The origin of the bracelets

The earliest bracelets date back to 2500 BC when the village women of the Sumerians in southern Mesopotamia used them along with other jewelry like earrings, necklaces, rings or bracelets for ankles to show the wealth of their husbands. They were recognized as status symbols and often had religious connotations also. However, bracelets were also used between the Egyptians around 2000 BC.


It was from the Greeks when the wristbands or bracelets became popular among the men and were often the soldiers who wore defensive bands of leather in wrists and forearms adorned with gold, silver and precious stones. These are called by the name of “Bracels” and, slowly, Greek women also began to use smaller versions that are adapted to the size of their arms. Continue reading “The origin of the bracelets”

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Pandora Bracelets: Pieces for everyone

A perfect gift now approaching Mother’s Day or any other special occasion beads are Pandora bracelets. An exquisite jewel that can be customized as like according to our style. In addition, you can always go adding beads or charms for bracelet grows thus achieving a unique and exclusive accessory for any woman.

pandora bracelet

When it comes to giving or creating our own Pandora jewel the first thing to do is to choose the basis bracelet perfect deciding the length and close that we like. Then, simply must choose, among the many models that exist, beads or charms that we most like to design the exclusive jewel. Continue reading “Pandora Bracelets: Pieces for everyone”

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