Care and Maintenance of jewelry

Rings, chains, precious stones or jewelry, they also need maintenance. Even if they have less economic value, pieces of jewelry can have great sentimental value. To keep these pieces all its brightness cleans often. The procedure is very simple: if we cover with yeast and then the brush gently with a soft brush bristles, keep shining.

maintenance of jewelry

In the case of valuable jewelry, the process is more laborious. We must put them to soak a few minutes in a container that we will have filled with a solution of water and detergent, and then proceed to brush them. We will continue the process of cleaning these parts of value by rinsing them with abundant water. Later, we’ll put them on a dishcloth and finish of dry them using a hair dryer. After verifying that we have not produced any damage during the process they will be ready to wear them or save them to the jeweler.

The process that we just explain it should not be applied in jewelry that is composed of any of the following gems:

Opals and Turquoise: Such as porous stone is completely contraindicated to clean with water. Simply polish with a soft cloth and brush them gently with a soft bristle brush.

Jade: We can wash it but we have to dry it immediately with a soft cloth to prevent scratches.

Pearls: nothing like using them to keep them in perfect condition. If you are not used frequently, simply wipe with a cloth.

If you follow these recommendations we assure that your jewelry pieces will pass from generation to generation.

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