Brooches: Exclusive jewel for ladies

From very remote date, the men and women (mostly her) body adorned with jewels. Not being really jewelry at first, as the designs were very rustic little creative and valuable materials were scarcely, we refer to the bone, shells, stones, iron (who at a certain time was considered as a precious metal).

design brooches

Speaking of classic jewels, we can not make mention of the brooches. These are pieces with own character that the very kings have used for generations. Today in another context is a gem that continues to provide a detail of exclusivity, where elegance is the protagonist.

Design Brooches
The brooch is an accessory made primarily for the Ladies. It consists of two parts, the visible, which is shown once put the clasp on the piece of clothing, and the occult, that is what turns on or subject to the clothes.

The predecessor of the brooch was the fibula widely used in antiquity (some that already existed in the Bronze Age are exhibited in museums) with more practical than aesthetic purposes to unite the pieces of clothing, as the appearance of the buttons back to the middle of the Middle Ages.

Give a brooch is a very feasible option since there are brooches that combine good design with reasonable price. But not only that, the clasp is also a clever gift because it is a gem that all the ladies want to use at least once in life.

The diamond brooches naturally have a distinctive style of class. Widely used by magnates and nobles of past centuries gradually declined its use, as demand a classic and elegant costumes. However, we can not say that have disappeared, as neither have the brooches of sapphires, emeralds and other precious stones, where predoniman forms or motives with its own style.

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