Bridal Pearl Accessories to Embellish Any Wedding

Who said that pearls don’t belong at a wedding was clearly oblivious to the beauty and grace that these exquisite treasures possess. There are countless creative ways in which to transform a simple pearl jewelry piece into a stunning statement of fashion forwardness.

Nowadays, designers have incorporated pearls into virtually every bridal accessory, from wedding dress belts to veil trims and tiaras. So if your bridal pearl earrings could use a companion, here are suggestions on how to incorporate other pearl pieces into your wedding.

Headbands and Pearl Hair-combs

bridal hair comb

The elegant hairstyles that brides wear can benefit greatly from a well-placed pearl and rhinestone hair-comb. There is a multitude of choices, from hairpins to hair-combs and of them will add the extra splash of elegance that your outfit needs.

Daring Vintage Pearl Necklace

vitage pearl necklace

Traditional brides may find such a statement piece shocking. A single-stranded pearl necklace is what they immediately think of. But there are certain risks that brides can take, and choosing such a vintage white pearl multi-layered necklace may transform your bridal attire into the outfit of a lifetime. Of course, to be on the safe-side, you can choose a simple, strapless wedding dress or an understated bodice so that the pearls can receive the attention they deserve.

Bridal Headpiece for the Delicate Protagonist

bridal headpiece

For brides who prefer delicate pieces and focus on bohemian styles, pearl headpieces can be an excellent addition to a gorgeous lace wedding dress. This particular braided gold and pearl headpiece perfectly complements the bride’s long hair and graceful features.

Pearl Beaded Veil

pearl beaded veil

For those brides who want to keep the accessories to a bare minimum, there is always the choice of going for embellishments. The veil is an excellent example: a pearl-beaded trim where pearls of different shapes and sizes come together to form a unique design may be an ideal choice.

Statement Pearl Wedding Gown

pearl wedding dress

Pearls aren’t just parts of jewelry pieces. They can also embellish other garments, and what better place to create fabulous designs than the actual wedding gown. The statement piece above features breathtaking multilayered pearl strands covering the shoulders and the back of the bride. Granted, such a design isn’t for the faint-hearted, but as with all good things, there’s always room for risks. After all, it’s your wedding day, so why shouldn’t you wear that piece which makes you feel gorgeous?

Bohemian Style Wedding Ankle Bracelets

wedding ankle bracelets

Have you ever dreamed of attending your wedding barefoot? Bohemian weddings are all the rage and there’s a good reason why. They’re one-of-a-kind, not presumptuous, elegant but low-key and most of all, all guests are free to do as they choose in terms of attire.

So if you dream of a non-denominational ordained minister dressed in white, a groom atop a white horse and a sunset wedding on the beach while your feet are caressed by the waves of the ocean, there are options for elegant footwear. It would be counterproductive to choose shoes- they would get wet! But you can go for a pair of ankle bracelets embellished with teardrop white pearls to complete your look.