Black Diamonds: Origin and characteristics

The black diamond is very different from the more commonly known such as those white species. Its color and hue is not the only feature that distinguishes them as black diamond’s have an extremely mysterious origin and a very unique composition.

black diamond

According to experts, the black diamond has obtained its dark, opaque hue as a result of the inclusion of iron oxides in the stone, forming a different type of carbon that the containing the other diamonds of other more common tones and less extravagant. Jewelry made based on these dark diamonds is not only immensely stylish but has a very particular mysterious atmosphere.

The origins of the black diamond
This special and rare diamond has a color and hue is not seen very often in other type of stone and is reminiscent existing in hematite. Black diamond is a native of Brazil, where are the more beautiful stones and better for the production of jewelry and are separated from the other for the industrial sector.

In terms of color, a feature that both draws attention to many, because the substances in the gem. In contrast with the more conventional diamonds, this species is believed to have been formed only 100 million years ago, when the others have their place on earth for more than 3000 million.

Characteristics of black diamond
Black diamonds can be presented in shades ranging from deep and dark black color to slightly lighter shades similar to smoked charcoal or grey. These are one of the hardest substances on earth, comparable even with colorless diamonds, and are believed to be much more powerful than conventional diamonds.

While the black diamond does not possess the special brightness of white diamonds, this kind of stone has a halo of mystery and a very particular spark that we must look at when we are faced with a piece of jewelry made based on this. Within the family of natural diamonds, blacks are undoubtedly the rarest and most extravagant.

As for most frequently used in jewelry, the black diamonds are usually seen very often in male jewelry, especially rings, preferably those made from titanium. The latter has to do with how nice it is to view the combination and the contrast between the metal and dark gemstone.

As for the female sector, today has become quite frequent use of black diamonds in engagement rings. One of the most common forms of use of this diamond is combined with white diamonds to create an elegant contrast and not lose the feminine style.

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