Long necklaces: Ideas to combine them

I am a fan of long necklaces. The long necklaces are very elegant, different, lengthen the silhouette, lose weight and always look good. Also, with changing necklaces you can wear the same uniform time after time and it will always look different.

combine long necklaces

The long necklaces also make the neck look more stylized, the short and tight necklaces shrink it visually, although there is always a neck style for every occasion. Fortunately, we can find a wide variety of necklaces for women in high quality jewelry shop. Continue reading “Long necklaces: Ideas to combine them”

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The 4Cs of diamonds: What are they? What are they for?

The diamonds are one of the most beautiful gems in the world. We all know them and most of us would like to have at least one in life but, do you know what the qualities that make them so beautiful are? How can you identify when they have all the virtues of quality? One way to find out is through calls 4C’s. Here we tell you what they are and what they are for. Keep reading!

4Cs of diamonds

The 4C of the diamonds refer to the four attributes that give them their beauty: clarity, cut, color and carat. Let’s see each of them and why you should know them. Continue reading “The 4Cs of diamonds: What are they? What are they for?”

Know how to wear a watch, an art

The first clocks appear towards the end of the 15th century, but the models of the time were very different from those worn today. Indeed, the first watches were more like watches that had to be worn around the neck, since their size was impressive.

how to wear a watch

Little practical, these were abandoned by pocket watches that were also disappearing with the arrival of wristwatches at the beginning of the 20th century.

The watch as a fashion accessory

Regardless of the model of the time, watches have always been associated with style and elegance.

If some people see more the practical and informative side of the object, others refer to the clock as if it were an authentic object of worship, as precise and refined mechanisms, which are transmitted from generation to generation. Continue reading “Know how to wear a watch, an art”

7 stones, 7 wishes. What is your amulet?

Year after year we dream of fulfilling different desires to achieve personal and professional fulfillment.

There are times when the lack of constancy or dedication allows these purposes to remain in just that and not materialize.

precious stones

But, what happens when you have a talisman? Below we show you those precious stones that will be your good luck charms and faithful allies to charge you with energy to achieve your dreams.

Let your elegance and sophistication conquer you. Continue reading “7 stones, 7 wishes. What is your amulet?”

What your earrings say about you

earrings style

Among the accessories for girls, the basic and essential will always be the earrings. It is possible, in some occasions, to leave without makeup but never without these small complements. Its presence gives the necessary touch to each of your outfits and will always be the perfect frame to make your face shine. This time we tell you what your earrings say about your personality according to the style you choose. Keep reading! Continue reading “What your earrings say about you”

7 jewels that every woman should have

One of the weaknesses of girls is jewelry, we know it. And we also know that whenever you see something that you love, you’re tempted to buy it now! This time we leave you seven that you must have yes or yes.

pendant earrings

1. Pendant earrings

Earrings in the shape of hoops can add the exact touch to give light to your eyes. They are perfect to feel feminine and ensure that, even on a day where you wear jeans and T-shirt, you look radiant. We love this pair in which the geometric shapes stand out and the stones offer a spectacular shine. Continue reading “7 jewels that every woman should have”

How much is used gold jewelry worth?

Determining the value of used jewelry is at least as important as determining the value of your car or your house because sometimes, the value of jewelry can be tremendously high. Understanding the value makes not only selling easier, it also helps to determine the appropriate insurance coverage. The most common occasions why people need to understand how much used gold jewelry is worth are divorces and heritages. In some cases it can be required by law to know the value of gold to accept an inheritance properly. The crux of the matter is – it’s all about how much it’s worth.

Especially inheritances can be very complex to handle because usually no paperwork relating to the inherited jewelry is present, if so, it is too old to be used for a contemporary evaluation. Divorces are sometimes much easier to handle because purchase receipts or bill of sales are often kept for insurance purposes what makes at least a vague evaluation possible. But how can you help yourself to understand the approximate value of your jewelry at all and is doing a self-evaluation a serious option compared with hiring a professional appraiser? The short answer is, there is no short answer.

check gold jewelry

What makes gold jewelry valuable?

“The gold’s weight, the gold’s purity, the jewelry’s brand and the gemstones” – those four indicators are most decisive for the value in jewelry, says Maria Tait, reDollar Expert for jewelry and gemstones. But of course, also the condition and the appearance in general are impacting the value. Sometimes, boring looking jewelry can be worth a fortune while a fancy, sparkling piece sells for just a few dollars. Not always but very often even laymen are able to separate the treasure from the trash when they spend some time examining their jewelry. Continue reading “How much is used gold jewelry worth?”

How to combine clothes and jewelry? We give you the keys

The accessories are a fundamental part to make any look stand out in a special way, and in the world of accessories, jewelry plays a key role. Combining clothing and jewelry may seem easy, but in this post, we teach you a few tricks so you can become an expert.

combine clothes and jewelry

How to combine clothes and jewelry properly?

It is not just a matter of providing a detail to complete our style, but of achieving the best result. To achieve this, the type of jewelry we use is essential, that is why we recommend you to always use modern and quality jewelry. Continue reading “How to combine clothes and jewelry? We give you the keys”

How pearls are worn

Pearls are an accessory that never goes out of fashion, they are timeless, and so it is worth investing in this type of jewelry. In addition, to be the main detail if we want to get an elegant and mature outfit.

Pearls can be worn at any time of the year, be it summer or winter. It does not matter where we wear them, bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces … Everything is allowed.

wearing pearls

The stereotype of pearls is that they are only for mature women, but this is totally false. Currently, we can find infinity of models for all types of ages and tastes; everything will depend on the design.

Pearls have managed to reinvent themselves and have managed to mark their own aesthetic genre within the world of jewelry. The pearls can be accompanied by other materials: gems, stones, silver… Continue reading “How pearls are worn”

How to combine choker

As has so often been seen fashion is cyclical and this season have opened up the trends of the 1990s. The choker is one of them. This anglicism has sneaked into the vocabulary of every girl and seems to be to stay. In case you are not familiar yet, it is neck collars that have been adopting very different and different versions. The celebrities do not take it away and now you’re only there to catch up on how to combine the choker, the jewel of the moment.

combine choker

How to combine choker

The truth is that it is a very versatile accessory that will give a touch of style to your look. The secret knows how to combine the choker by taking into account three main variables: the type of situation, the clothes you have chosen and your body. Any occasion is good, but there are infinite models: the classic black ribbon, with a charm in the center, of colors, of lace, of rhinestones … You must seek the balance and learn to counteract so that it is not overloaded. Continue reading “How to combine choker”