Platinum Vs Gold: What are the differences?

Metallic jewelry is derived from a specific variety of so-called precious metals. These have a brightness and color that is unique to each other, as well as different characteristics. By comparing platinum vs gold you will have an idea of what each of these valuable minerals is like.

Physical characteristics of platinum vs gold

The gold against platinum is the highest scale at which it aims to have a jewel beyond embedded gems. The main reason is their elegant appearance, endowed in turn with prestige as they are considered valuable throughout their history. However, the differences between platinum with gold are important when choosing a jewel. These are the main ones:

platinum vs gold

Color of metals

In its natural state, gold has an almost unmistakable strong yellow hue, although it is possible to find some jewels made from other alloys with a similar color. To know if it is authentic, there are different ways to know if a jewel is made of gold and thus be sure. As for the pieces already manufactured in this material, their color usually varies depending on the purity.

The highest grade in which this material is found is 24k corresponding to the gold bars for sale. Its use in jewelry is not common because it is too soft so other metals are added in low proportions such as nickel or magnesium, which affects the price of gold again platinum and the color. Continue reading “Platinum Vs Gold: What are the differences?”

Differences between diamond and brilliant

Precious jewels such as diamonds will always be a special gift to give on any occasion. Although many times you seek to give one as a gift, but you do not know well the difference between a diamond and a brilliant. Has it happened to you?

diamond and brilliant

If we told you that a diamond is not exactly a diamond, but one of its components. Would you believe it?

We want to give you the necessary answers so that you have no doubts about the differences between diamonds and brilliants.

Do you know what a diamond is?

One way to understand well the difference between a diamond and a brilliant is by knowing what they are, so let’s start with the diamond. This gem is a natural mineral composed of carbon, arranged in a cubic shape.

Diamonds are recognized worldwide as one of the most valuable stones in the jewelry world. For this reason, carvers seek to create the greatest amount of carats of this precious mineral. Continue reading “Differences between diamond and brilliant”

How To Make Nail Polish Last Longer

There are a lot of people out there who simply could not do without their nail polish may already feel that they go through bottles of it like crazy, and this can be quite an expensive thing to keep up.

Nail Polish Last Longer

Sometimes this is all about misconception – using nail polish in certain ways makes some people think that its just an easy thing to get through, but this is actually far from the case. With the right care, attention and approach to maintenance, nail polish can actually last a long time. In this article, we provide some simple tips to help your nail polish go a lot further than you might be used to. Continue reading “How To Make Nail Polish Last Longer”

Why does my piercing smell bad?

We spend many days thinking about that new piercing that we want to wear on our body. So much so that sometimes we don’t stop to think that it also has a somewhat dark part. But let no one panic, because everything has a solution. Many people wonder why my piercing smells bad.

piercing smell bad

Well today we are going to answer that and remedy it. Finding out where that unpleasant smell comes from, we can say goodbye forever.

Although we think otherwise, it does not have to indicate that there is an infection, although it can also be one of the main reasons. Discover the others and their best solutions! Continue reading “Why does my piercing smell bad?”

Trends in jewelry for 2020

Of course there are always trends in jewelry, but it’s pretty obvious that they are much more flexible than in fashion. The classic always looks good and that is indisputable. When we talk about 2020 jewelry trends, perhaps the clearest to follow, are in jewelry, for a simple question of price. We can buy many bracelets on each season, very large and very ethnic, but jewelry, there are very few that can be adjusted to a strict fashion.

old jewelry

Although we know that the indicated accessory makes the difference for any outfit, the important thing is to be aware of the trends that will be presented this year, take into account that the fashion of the 80’s may return for 2020.

Something you should consider is that the world of fashion can be very changing, for example, the color purple may be a trend today, but tomorrow the color red may be fashionable, however, it is important that you take note and try not to miss the most important jewelry trends for 2020. Continue reading “Trends in jewelry for 2020”

The unwritten rules of luxury jewelry

How to choose them depending on the time of day, event, season of the year or other accessories

rules of luxury jewelry

The jewels are the feminine complement par excellence and the oldest and allow us to achieve the touch of distinction that we want to give to our wardrobe. But we must be careful in their choice because the abuse of jewelry or accessories can cause the opposite effect.

If you are lucky enough to have many valuable jewels, it is not about going outside with all of them on. It is a gesture of ostentation that can be misinterpreted and, instead of being projected as an elegant person; it can give an excessively artificial image. You have to know how to choose them depending on the time of day, the event you are attending, the season of the year or the clothes you are wearing at all times. Continue reading “The unwritten rules of luxury jewelry”

The magnificent tiaras of Luxembourg

tiaras of luxembourg

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a small country in Central Europe, which borders France, Germany and Belgium. Given this location, its history has been closely related to these countries and even in some moments has been part of these. At the moment the country is governed under a form of government of Constitutional and Parliamentary Monarchy, being located like the unique sovereign duchy at present. The head of state is the Grand Duke and the whole royal family acquires the treatment of “his royal highness”. Continue reading “The magnificent tiaras of Luxembourg”

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Larimar: An unequal stone

The larimar was discovered about thirty years ago, however from the time of its appearance it has been considered as a rare gem that is only able to be found in a place in the world, this is the case of the Dominican Republic. This stone not only stands out for its beautiful appearance, but also has quite particular characteristics that make it unique in its type.

larmiar stone

This gem which is a variety of pectolite is composed largely of nectolite, acid hydrate of calcium silicate and sodium; although pectolite is able to be found in many places, in none it has the blue coloration, which is the main characteristic of larimar. Currently the only town on the planet where this gem is located is the province of Barahona, southwest of the Dominican Republic. Continue reading “Larimar: An unequal stone”

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Inflatable letters in your jewelry

Jewelry is the perfect company for every occasion, regardless of the context we always find that ideal piece that revives our image and adds a colorful detail to the “look” of the moment, whether as a small focal point or as the center of our entire “outfit”, Its presence without a doubt tends to be imperative, without the need to reload the attire with too many jewels at once, the use of certain garments at the right time will become that plus we all want.

letters in jewelry

That is why it is important to know how to choose the pieces that will occupy an essential place in our jeweler, those that are sober while being showy, ideal for work, the most elegant and striking for special moments, the frequently used ones that fit perfectly in a cafe with friends, a evening movie or maybe for that night party. Continue reading “Inflatable letters in your jewelry”

How and when to wear silver jewelry

Can silver jewelry are the most versatile to carry, but there are some tricks you should consider.

wear silver jewelry

Silver jewelry is as old as the jewelry itself. The ancient Egyptians, The Persians, The Romans and even The Incas had great affection for silver and for all of them it was synonymous with purity, beauty and nobility. The oldest jewels date back to 3000 BC, which means that humanity has been appreciating silver for more than 5000 years as an ornament of beauty and good taste.

Now, there is a jewel for every occasion and certain keys if we do not want to fall into excess or sin for sobriety. The important thing is to know that the jewels should work around the attire and that the latter should fit the context. In that order, everything is based on the harmony they must have from one to the other. Continue reading “How and when to wear silver jewelry”

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