Animal patterns: The sight of new jewelry

For a couple of seasons to date the animals have been elegantly located on different jewelry such as rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. It is quite common to find designs with the figure of any or its appendices (wings, claws, teeth, etc).

animal patterns

Animals have definitely claimed their space in the world of fashion and jewelry especially. When in past seasons, it was common to find bulky animal-shaped metallic jewelry; currently we see them in the form of delicate jewelry with multicolored stones enhancing its details. So we surprised bold and valuable pieces with Lapis lazuli stones are the multicolored sapphires and of course, emeralds.

They all take their pride of place in the animal kingdom and are carried to the highest jewelry. These designs are not limited and exclusively to the low budgets and are welcomed with its entire glamor in the world of luxury.

Also include animal motifs that capture our imagination and give us incredible possibilities of self-expression.

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