Accessories by type of face

Women are fans of fashion accessories, especially earrings and are waiting for models and colors that are hot for the season. So we must know what the design that fits us best, for it is very important to know the type of face we have.

earrings for type of face

Women with oval face are the lucky ones, because according to beauty experts say, it is the perfect face. Then, they can use all kinds of earrings.

For round faces, they do not fit well the rings and all who resemble their shape. Opt for linear designs, straight or simulating lengthens the face.

earrings for type of face

Heart-shaped face or inverted triangle, means that the front is wide and high cheekbones. Choose models that give balance to the chin that is thinner than the upper face. They look good with rounded earrings or teardrop earrings.

Square face, we recommend the earrings to help you refine your face, may the elongated or rings. Also need to know that there are designs of earrings exclusively to tall long-necked women, who looks good using some pending large sizes, and for the women and small shallow is perfect them a few small, delicate earrings.

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