A perfect jewelry for all occasions? Fluid Gold!

A contemporary gem is one that, besides having modern and comfortable at the same time, complements any look with exuberance. How about a piece that can be used both in the office and at an elegant gala? We’re talking about Fluid Gold, a jewel that delights for its impressive versatility and beauty of simple lines.

Fluid Gold

The necklace is composed of hundreds of small cylinders yellow gold textured yarn forming a long malleable wire and can be used in numerous different ways, creating a new look almost every use. Its longer version has three meters long, which allows many assemblies.

For example, you can use it long, in a style reminiscent of the visual 20 years or as a choker with several laps, making it an excellent base on which a sophisticated visual pile-up can be built, adding other necklaces or pendants to production.

Fluid Gold

Plus, it can be worn as an elegant bracelet of many turns or wrapped at the waist by doing the times of belt. Just use your creativity to further enhance the versatility of jewelry!

For those who enjoy practical and timeless pieces, but do not give up always impeccable, the Fluid Gold is undoubtedly the perfect jewel!

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