7 tips to recognize an original perfume

Don’t be fooled perhaps by a pretty box and gets less tempting because it costs less, here we share 7 tips to learn how to buy original perfumes:

The bottle: In the original perfume the glass is smooth, transparent and of a piece to avoid any glue that may contaminate the perfume and the dispensing tube is straighter than curved. In non-original perfumes, the package has some relief coming out of both sides stick the bottle and dispensing tube is more curved, as industrially and not to the measure.

buy original perfumes

The case: Analyzes and compares the quality between the boxes in which there come the perfumes, print quality and details, if you see the box of bad quality or the regular printing, is certainly a fake perfume. The original perfumes come in boxes of large and heavy weight, to protect them from bumps and light.

Tags: By law all manufacturers must specify the ingredients of the perfume, if you don’t see it in the box might be inside, but be sure to find it, it is likely that non-original perfumes not have.

Bubbles: Shake the bottle until it’s have enough bubbles, when you stop doing it the bubbles must eliminate in maximum 15 seconds.

Code: The most perfumes have a same code engraved on the box and the bottle. Verify them.

Clean: If you shake the perfume, also check that there is some sort of garbage as land or other items.

Offers: Keep in mind that there are luxury brands that never put perfumes in offers, so if you say perfume like Chanel and Dior are “cheaper” because they are discounted, certainly these are not original. The brands of singers or actors themselves are more likely to be with any discount for promotion.

Another tip to keep in mind is that if your perfume is completely new, you should spray it at least 2 times to be able to get some perfume. In addition, that a perfume last or not, does not depend necessarily on its originality, this almost also influences the type of skin you have and the pH of your body.

So it is best to buy your perfume from recognized and authorized shops.

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