7 tips that a man must follow before getting a tattoo

Most men come to a time in their life when they want to get a tattoo. So, after pondering for a long time and believe that the time has come, take the big decision. Here we give 7 steps to consider when to do it.

before getting a tattoo

Choice of design: The idea is proud of the tattoo, not to hate, and repent. So if you want to wear the name of your pet in the chest, do not be ashamed. Bear in mind that after hitting your skin with ink, follow comfortable feeling.

Size: You must know how much space you want to cover or you can feel comfortable. At the start, although the tattoo is small, will take time to get used to. Therefore, choose a place and size in which you know that you will feel comfortable.

Place of tattoo: Since it is the first time, you should get a tattoo parts that could be covered with clothing, so get used to it slowly. Then you will feel part of it and you will not feel strange. Also, you could encourage new one.

Location: Find out, ask friends who have tattoos done before. Bear in mind that a part of your skin will be marked and should take all possible precautions to ensure that the experience is not traumatic. It also explores the places and what are their specialties: the model you want is difficult, simple.

Price: Price varies according to the size and difficulty. A tattoo is for life and marks your skin, so do not skimp on expenses and care.

Pain: Of course it hurts, but it’s tolerable. While we must take into account the place of our skin which is tattooed, the size of the drawing, etc.

Care: Besides being a drawing on your skin, it is a wound. Therefore, to help the wound heal properly, we wash with warm, soapy water and cream. Since it is the first tattoo, you looked it constantly, until you get used and start thinking about the next.

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