7 stones, 7 wishes. What is your amulet?

Year after year we dream of fulfilling different desires to achieve personal and professional fulfillment.

There are times when the lack of constancy or dedication allows these purposes to remain in just that and not materialize.

precious stones

But, what happens when you have a talisman? Below we show you those precious stones that will be your good luck charms and faithful allies to charge you with energy to achieve your dreams.

Let your elegance and sophistication conquer you.

Desire: Happiness with the couple

If what you are looking for is a genuine joy in every situation that is presented to you in life, the Opal is for you. Its characteristic color makes it one of most precious stones and its positive charge will help you smile every day.

This will awaken complicity with your partner, which will allow them to dare to new things that will create an emotional harmony.

Desire: Good fortune at work

The good luck not only arrives, it also seeks. With the help of Malachite, the well-known stone of travelers, you will feel inspired to be in the constant search for new adventures.

Without realizing it, with this stone you will have a touch of charm and new opportunities will begin to appear. Success will come when you least expect it!

Desire: Find spiritual peace

The Lapis Lazuli will fill your spirit with wisdom and confidence in the decision making in your life.

This stone that resembles a fragment of sky in a blue jewel will manage to give your spirit calm, which will achieve a positive effect on your family and people, which will make the peace that fill you.

Desire: Absolute Health

For the vitality to come out and grant the benefits of good health, you need a dose of enthusiasm, and with the Carnelian, you will achieve it.

This stone will give you this momentum to enjoy feel alive, with good humor and to be in the present to enjoy every moment. Without realizing it, these changes in attitude will help you feel healthier than ever.

Desire: More professional success

The Chrysoprase, with its elegant green, manages to propagate a unique harmony. Help creativity to enlighten you and fresh ideas remain present in your mind. A motivational force will enter your life with this stone that promises an extra boost in those days of work stress.

Desire: Family Harmony

The delicacy of Nacre, also known as mother of pearl will be your protective shield so that the delicacy and sweetness of the family is always present.

The goodness of this stone will keep you sensitive to family situations and the tenderness of the smallest of the home. Without a doubt you will feel an extra dose of protection that will make you smile!

Desire: Trust in yourself

Your ally? The stone that gives absolute strength. The Onyx provides a perseverance that will allow you to overcome the obstacles that come your way.

In addition, its impressive appearance will help you reflect confidence to show your ideas with determination.